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#23 : The Modern Cinderella: 2010 and 2011 Butler Bulldogs. . . The Legend of Gordon Hayward, Shelvin Mack, Matt Howard, Andrew Smith (RIP A.S) and Coach Brad Stevens is the greatest NCAA tournament story of the 21th century. They are remembered discreetly for this 1/4 inch from a Championship, after they battled as a mid major from the Horizon League who fought to become accepted. After squeezing by Draymond Green and Michigan State in the Final Four, they lost the Championship to a 8 point favorite Duke. The story continues without Star Gordon Hayward as the next year they go as an 8 seed (5 seed in 2010) and get to back to back championships, losing again to Kemba and UCONN. This story is one that I love just because of my love for the NCAA Tournament and the Underdog stories. They truly were the modern day Cinderella that lots of people learned to back behind not once but twice. #NCAA #NBA #MLB #NFL #NHL #greatest #sports #🏀 #butleruniversity #basketball #goat #moment #sports #sportsmemes #sportsmoments #i #bostonceltics #a #sanantonio #utahjazz #hof #marchmadness #duke #uconn #history . . . #Follow comical_sports_memes

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The World's Greatest. #grandcanyon #kiss on #Greatest. lol

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#The #Four #Greatest #Favors #bestowed #upon #man Shaykh Uthaymeen said in his explanation of Riyadis Saliheen 1. Islam The greatest favor Allah has blessed His slaves with is the favor of Islam, which Allah diverted many of the people away from. Allah the Exalted said “This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.” (Soorah Al-Mā'idah 5:3) Thus if the person finds that Allah has favored him with Islam, and Allah has opened his heart towards it; this is the greatest blessing. 2. Intellect Next is the blessing of intellect. Thus when the person sees someone who has been tested in their intellect so he is not able to handle his affairs properly and perhaps he harms himself and his family, then let him praise Allah for this favor; for surely it is a tremendous blessing. 3. Safety and security The favor of safety in the homeland, surely it is from the greatest favors. An example of this is what occurred to our fathers and grandfathers from great fear in this country. We were told that if one of them left the home to go to Fajr prayer he would always carry a weapon with him, fearing someone would attack him. Thus, there is no favor comparable to the favor of safety except the favors of Islam and intellect. 4. Subsistence and livelihood Allah has favored us—especially in this country (Saudi Arabia) with comfort, it comes to us from everywhere. We are experiencing a great deal of good and all praises belong to Allah. Our homes are filled with provisions. A spread of food for one person suffices two, three or more. This is also from the favors. Therefore it is obligatory upon us to show gratitude to Allah the Exalted for these great favors and we must be obedient to Him so He will increase His favors upon us. Because Allah the Exalted said “And (remember) when your Lord proclaimed: "If you give thanks I will give you more (of My Blessings), but if you are ungrateful, verily! My Punishment is indeed severe." (Soorah Ibrāhīm 14:7) Translator’s note: Most of us reading this have been blessed with all four of the greatest favors given to man. Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbe

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Just victims of the in-house drive-by... They say jump, you say how high...Yeah #rageagainstthemachine #music #life #greatest #rage #power #motivation

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Petit cadeau à une équipe que j’apprécie beaucoup! Le centre dentaire familial Bui! 👌😊😁😃 Ils prennent soin de ma santé buccale et moi de leurs collation saines et riche en vitamines et minéraux! 🙌☺️😊👌 kronobar #greatest #DrBui #greatest #bestdentist #thankyou #dix30 #brossard #loveyourself #quality

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#thatfeeling you get when you know that #crosscourt #backhand is NOT coming back! #tennismakeslyfeawsum 💪🎾🙌😎💥🎾🔥👊 #ilovethisgame #tennis is truly the #greatest #sport #sunset #jamaica #acetennisjamaica Follow us acetennisjamaica

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