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A very late #littlethingswithmo to start your week! . 131. Bubble baths 🛀 132. Finding money in your pocket 💵 133. Driving on a newly paved road 134. Wearing your pajamas all day 135. A cup of tea made perfectly right --> 📸 136. Cookies straight out of the oven 🍪 137. Perfect shower temperature 🛁 138. Spotless, bruise-free bananas 139. The fresh, clean feeling after a shower and then 🚿 140. The satisfying feeling of making someone laugh really hard 😂 . What are the little things in your life? Comment below 👇 . . . . . #instagoodmyphoto #gramoftheday #webstapick #igersoftheday #finditliveit #visualoflife #liveauthentic #chasinglife #makemoments #liveunscripted #tea #personaltime #teatime #tealover #lovetea #notadultingtoday

11 4 Jan 23, 2018

Shenyang is China's fourth largest city and the leading manufacturing hub in a highly industrialized area. People in Shenyang consider themselves to be down-to-earth and straight-talking. Chinese culture is notoriously indirect – people often hint at rather than directly state what they want. Residents of Shenyang claim that they are not this way. To westerners they still seem quite indirect, but compared to other regions of China, Shenyang residents are perhaps more to-the-point in their interactions. 🇨🇳|Shenyang

16 3 Jan 23, 2018

...inizia il mio viaggio più importante 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 #cancersucks 💪🏻 ...voglio ringraziare i miei amici per tutto il loro sostegno (non faccio nomi ma chi mi vuole bene sanno a chi mi riferisco) a Marco che ogni giorno mi supporta e mi incoraggia nelle mie scelte di vita e ai miei genitori che si prendono sempre cura di me ❤️ vi voglio bene! a presto 💪🏻

11 1 Jan 23, 2018
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