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SAINT SHOW 17 VOL.2 collection FBI & PISTOL 2way* REVERSIBLE T-SHIRT / Size 1, 2 _________________________________________ Worldwide Shipping(South Korea) Contact - DM, saintshow7 _________________________________________ . . #SAINTSHOW #세인트쇼 . . #dailylook #outfit #instafashion #fashion #streetstyle #streetfashion #mensfashion #mensstyle #outfitpost #grailed #highsnobiety #hypebeast #snobshot #streatwear #basementapproved #ootd #fashionpost #menswear #menstyle #balenciaga #vetements #grailfits #데일리 #데일리룩 #패션 #인스타패션 #아웃핏 #오오티디

15 0 Jul 26, 2017

💥New Anomaly💥 Off centre print! Cut off on top and massive white space at bottom!

133 14 Jul 26, 2017

Boy, I ain't got time for these bitches, better throw a clock at these hoes. 📷 jaythessi

164 4 Jul 26, 2017

VTG 80s STUSSY BLACK TAG Medium 🔥🔥🔥 Latest Drop on Grailed #forsale #stussy #supreme #grailed #PRIMITIVESstore

4 0 Jul 26, 2017

WA : 082141888430 / LINE : Novesa Undercover Drinking U Sweatshirt Crew (black) Size : 3 / Large Condition : BNWT Rp 2.800.000 --- Rp 2.500.000

4 1 Jul 26, 2017

Opinion On: Raf Simons SS18 By David Klein ( dvaidklein) - Raf is loved by many, idolized by many more. To start off with criticism is a good way to turn some heads… I hate the plaid hats featured in every look of this collection. To me, using an accessory in every look of a collection is a cheap way of making the collection look cohesive. All that said, I liked a lot of the looks. First off, I loved that Raf decided to work with Peter Saville again, Saville being one of the greatest graphic designers of all time, is a perfect fit for a designer like Raf who has achieved so much at the age of 49. With over 50 looks in this collection, it’s hard to discuss all, but let’s start off with my favorites. Look 11 featured an off the shoulder knit sweater, similar knit wear we’ve seen in his recent collections. Layered on top of a white tank top, that reminds me of his older pieces. Part of this collection felt very early 2000’s Undercover-esque, because of the use of vintage looking t-shirts to make different silhouettes such as skirts and sweaters. Similar to how Takahashi used vintage t-shirts in his famous SS06 hybrid denim, featuring patch worked tees for the back. What I like about Raf Simon’s is that’s although his designs have changed tremendously over the past 15-20 years, this collection feels like its building on last season, and as if it’s a development, slowly changing every season, while still keeping some iconic design aesthetics. Last season we saw a lot of oversized ivy league style V-necks, and it’s the same this season, but they feel more refined and a little more wearable. Lastly, I have to address the umbrellas, now I don’t know if these will actually release, but this might become the subtlest flex piece of the season, with an image printed on it that reminds me of last season’s Robert Mapplethorpe collection. In conclusion, Raf will be Raf, and no matter what, he is a designer that will never disappoint, and even if you don’t like it right now, in a couple seasons you’ll look back and realize how much of a visionary he was and how much he was ahead of the curve. And that’s why so many of his archive pieces are still so relevant today.

75 1 Jul 26, 2017

WA : 082141888430 / LINE : Novesa #CONSIGNMENT Wtaps vintage empire's service tigers stripe field jacket Size : Large Condition : 9/10 used Rp 1.850.000

11 1 Jul 26, 2017

WA : 082141888430 / LINE : Novesa Dominate jakarta tour coach jacket Size : Large Condition : 9.5/10 worn 5 times Rp 800.000

9 1 Jul 26, 2017

POSTAGE WEDNESDAY ✈️✈️✈️🇺🇸🇬🇧 Visit our ETSY #forsale #postage #commedesgarcons #numbernine #etsy #grailed #superremeKL

7 1 Jul 26, 2017

Red Suede 5s🤤 #jordans #jordan5 #kicksonfire #kicks #grailed

9 1 Jul 26, 2017

Cafe. - - - dylanmyburgh 📸

51 1 Jul 26, 2017
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