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Could it be that our brains are the problem? . Do you overthink? Get lost in the detail? Get lost in the big picture? . Ever feel like what your looking for is right in front of you but you can’t quite grab it? . I don’t mean to alarm you, but you’re not alone! . I am the worst for it (the details bit is me to a tee!!) . I don’t have the answers but I do know. As soon as you stop the chatter in your brain & focus on what you feel... things happen. . So, my thought of the day for what it’s worth is..go with your gut peeps!! The sky’s not even the limit! X . #gowithyourgut #brainiac #details #entrepreneur #overthinking #bossbabe #yourenotalone #lawofattraction #letgo #notice #expectations #challengeyourself #getdanitodoit #theskysnoteventhelimit

7 0 Jan 17, 2018

It's really hard to eat out on Whole30. I had pretty much resigned myself to eating a lunch of purse avocado and some nuts in my cold van. But when I went into the_vic_cafe the offered to make me something off menu! Thanks for accommodating and improvising such a tasty and fresh lunch! . . . . . #GoWithYourGut #fermented #paleo #glutenfree #cleaneating #eatclean #jerf #purseavocado #dairyfree #grainfree #healthy #buylocal #lowcarb #realfood #cleaneats #whole30challenge #whole30approved #wholefoods #eatrealfood #paleodiet #organic #paleolifestyle #sugarfree #instafood #lchf #healthyeating #foodporn #nutrition #healthyfood #itstartswithfood

51 2 Jan 17, 2018

We love that onceuponapumpkin goes with her gut 🧡

248 6 Jan 17, 2018

This girl right here is DETERMINED! ☺️She and her dad were hunting this afternoon and came in because of the wind! She said she just had to go back out there and keep hunting! And look what she got!! A 6 point!! Woohoo!! #gowithyourgut #moremeatforthemckellers #beendeterminedfromday1

25 0 Jan 17, 2018

The importance of a seasonal and varied vegcentric diet came up again and again... #guthealth! * Thank you for having me warnermusicuk spooncereals!! It was such fun repping highmoodfood for #SpoonMeets the Gut Gurus ✌️ along with friends thegutstuff, antoniamagor & jeannettehydenutrition - best start to the week 🙏. If you’ve yet to swing by High come soon - #seasonal #vegcentric heaven guys..! Likewise if you’ve yet to try Spoon granola it’s the best in the business... 🥄🌈😘! * #gowithyourgut

45 7 Jan 17, 2018

Meika wanted to “drink it”! I probably shouldn’t have let her but hey. This gal loves her peaceloveandvegetables sauerkraut! Give your kids all the gut loving foods right from the start and get them used to all those zingy flavors 🥗

17 2 Jan 17, 2018

Joanna had another appointment at the hospital today.. this time it was for allergies and to see the dietician. After a lengthy conversation it was finally confirmed that she had a milk protein allergy from 6wks old!!! She’s only just outgrown it, but it makes me so angry because when she was 6wks old I rushed her to the doctors with concerns over this. Doctors agreed there was a problem and referred her for tests. Consultant (an old twat trying to show off to his very young junior doctor) made me feel like a total idiot and practically laughed at me and said he wasn’t going to do anything, just try weening her and go away. Well obviously that never worked and she was very poorly because of it, so I did some research and took care of the matter myself. Today’s consultant was very kind and apologised for how we were treated and just confirmed what I always knew!!! Always trust your instincts!!! Dietician was great too, she is prescribing a formula milk high in protein that we have six months to ween her fully onto as she eats very little. If she does eat, it’s only carbs. So she’s been relying on her formula food. 😭 We are slowly getting there, things are moving along nicely, just have to get this operation out of the way and we should be okay for a little while. #fingerscrossed #hospital #hospitalappointment #allergy #milkproteinallergy #knewit #mothersinstinct #neverfails #gowithyourgut #mybaby #loveher #autism #autismawareness #specialneeds #specialneedschild #sleepapnoea #dietician ❤️ (2nd picture onwards is from when she was 6wks old and first developed the rash - she was breast feed for 5wks and this was her face not long after starting formula!!)

26 3 Jan 16, 2018

Our core line up of kombucha. Very low sugar, just enough to ferment, not flavour. From left to right: Green Queen: Organic sencha green tea, coriander, lemon basil and Echinacea. Purple Rain: Organic assam black tea, blueberry and lemon verbena. Raspberry Beret: A blend of Organic assam black tea, Organic red rooibos tea, raspberry and hops. You might find them a little dryer than your average kombucha, that's on purpose, all of our flavourng is done with whole foods, no concentrate and 100% raw. Our green queen in particular is a fantastic blend, but, may seem a little less carbonated, again this is on purpose. With our other 2 flavours the natural sugars help to carbonate, but since our green queen is a herbal blend of flavour there are very little occurring sugars added in the secondary fermentation. We could correct this by adding additional sugars before capping but we just choose not to. A must try. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #GoWithYourGut #fermentation #vegetarian #unpasteurized #raw #smallbatch #vegan #probiotic #booch #cultured #local #naturalflavours #lowsugar #canada #canadianfood #functionaldrinks #functionalbeverages #microbiome #tea #fermentedtea #healthandwellness #healthygut #bacteria #loveyourguts #whole30

76 4 Jan 16, 2018

Dream boat potato boat! We love this overstuffed sweet potato from m.c.grammer - local spinach, smashed avo✨GLOW Kraut✨super simple, superfood packed and you can find everything at your local farmers market! Except for the avocado😜

79 3 Jan 16, 2018

Dear hexferments what did we ever do without you? Not only do you have fabulous tasting products, you’re a sustainable company right down to your food labels peeling off easily! #gowithyourgut #bestfood #hexferments #gratefulforyou #sustainablecompanies #familyowned #smallbusiness #localbusiness

12 1 Jan 16, 2018

Yum! This lemon chicken is amazing thanks to ifoodblog jowhitton and your trusty assistant! This food really is Life Changing! lifechangingfoodbook

28 5 Jan 16, 2018

Let's talk about hair for a minute. I know some of us ladies (and maybe guys too) struggle to be content with the locks we were given... but did you know your lack of hair growth or hair falling out can be directly related to gut health? If your gut is a mess you can't absorb the nutrients you need and so your hair won't grow or starts falling out. Focusing on gut health has made a big difference for my hair and Natalie's! Consistently taking good supplements that target gut health and my hair is growing better than ever!

24 1 Jan 16, 2018

MAGIC MANGOES! Why not match some mangoes from Western Australia's north with some blueberries from the states south and make a delicious summer salad? YUM! #summersalad #summerfood #gascoynefood

47 2 Jan 16, 2018
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