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Kinda bummed because this little beauty right here. Her name is Stash, my fiancee was trying to surprise me with her, but our finances won't allow him too. Gah! My fiancee is so sweet though, first person to ever buy me flowers, first person to be protective physically/mentally over me, to take up for me, to go out of his way to surprise me (when able), and he's so understanding of my emotions. Like ok he's 31 I'm 19, 11 and a half years age difference which alot of people are put off by, but guess what? My fiancee though has treated me like a princess non stop, no matter if I'm being a raging jealous bitch, or if I'm kissing ass being the sweetest lady ever, it never has effected the way he treats me. Last year he seen me strung out on meth, heroin, pills, and alcohol almost everyday, and didn't like it. He used to tell me to get off his porch, b/c I was intoxicated. There was one night though that I knew in that moment if I ever had a chance with him, that I needed to take it. There was a guy that he knew who was crazy over me, saying stuff like She's going to be my BM, I'm going to get her in bed with me, and one night when I was intoxicated he started grabbing me, and I was too high i didn't even know my name or where I was, and Kyle (my fiancee) told his friend that he was going to put 5 rounds in him if he didn't stop trying to take advantage of me knowing I was too intoxicated to remember, his friend gave me a drive home that night, and my fiancee followed the guy driving me to my house to make sure I made it to my house without that guy taking me to the woods. I didn't know any of this until 6 other people told me the following day. Even though my fiancee didn't like what I was doing, he never let anything happen to me(even though we weren't together). I just want to say I'm so thankful for him and all that he does for me.💙💜💙💚💙❤ #sobriety #soberliving #soberlife #5months #goodlife #engaged #love #realshit #goodstuff #staytrue #goodpeople #goodlife #reallife #realshit

0 0 Nov 25, 2017

After a day of eating great food yesterday on Thanksgiving , only thing was missing was enough greens and veggies. On thanksgiving most the time veggies and greens are definitely not sought out of lol and meats and carbs are main attraction. So after my workout this morning I headed to smoothie king to get a big refreshing apple kale smoothie with added protein for my “lunch”! Plus it’s Friday so it’s $5 medium smoothies can’t be that. Felt great gettin my much needed greens in! Good stuff! 😎💪🏼🥤 #fitfam #fitlife #gymlife #healthylifestyle #cleaneating #healthyeating #healthydrinking #smoothieking #smoothie #applekalesmoothie #kale #greensaregood #flexfriday #flex #gettingmygreens #smoothiefix #nutritioniskey #fitnessblogger #foodblogger #feelgoodfriday #postworkout #foodie #fitfoodie #drinkofchoice #nguyening #gainz #noshavenovember #asianbeard #postthanksgiving #goodstuff

7 0 Nov 25, 2017

A milky bun 🍩 #Afters #AlmondCookieIceCream #CinnamonToastCrunch #GoodStuff

2 0 Nov 25, 2017

Regranned from come_inn_bistro - А сегодня мы решили поэкспериментировать! Наши хорошие друзья Ануар, Алия и Алина приготовили для вас хиты нашего заведения! 😋 Классический дуэт нежных ломтиков курицы и свежего хрустящего салата под чесночным соусом и тертым сыром - Ануар представил вашему вниманию Цезарь с курицей, стоимость которого всего лишь 1100 тенге! 😍 Классика мясной кухни - потрясающе сочный, приправленный ароматными специями и насыщенный по вкусу стейк Рибай, приготовленный на открытом огне Алией, вы можете попробовать у нас за 2550 тенге! ☝ Пропитанный сгущенкой бисквит с прослойкой из сливочного крема и сыра маскарпоне, украшенный бьютифутином - нежнейший торт Молочная девочка в исполнении Алины, цена которого 700 тенге за кусочек! 🍰 Собственно, как и сказали ребята: приходите к нам! У нас очень вкусно! 😇 - martin_alina_ 👧 - aa.alia 👨 - anuar_talgatovv _________________________ ⠀ ⠀⠀ 📌 Мкрн. Юго-Восток, Арганаты 13. ⠀ 📞+7 (7172) 95-47-11⠀ 📱+7 (701) 956-55-77⠀ ⠀ _________________________ ⠀ ⠀ #поестьастана #астана #едаастана #food #astanafood #bistro #бистро #стейки #кофе #бургеры #паста #пицца #coffee #кофенавынос #торты #тортыназаказ #goodstuff

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Regranned from come_inn_bistro - И снова мы решили напомнить вам, что уже ровно через 5 дней мы подведем итоги нашего большого розыгрыша, призами которого являются: ⠀ 1. IPhone 8. 2. Сертификат на 30.000 тг. 3. VIP Gold Card - 30% 4. VIP Silver Card - 20% ⠀ Для тех, кто еще не принял участие, советуем поторопиться и напоминаем условия: ⠀ 1. Подписаться на страницы come_inn_bistro и come_inn_hotel. Аккаунт должен быть открытым на время проведения конкурса! ⠀ 2. Сделать 2 репоста на свою страницу с нашим видео или фото. ⠀ 3. Хотите увеличить шансы выигрыша? Приходите к нам, заполните купон участника, получите Cash back card в подарок. ⠀ Розыгрыш состоится 1 декабря 2017 года. ⠀ Всем удачи! 👐 ⠀ Не забываем наш хэштег #конкурсCOMEINNHOTEL 😊 ⠀ _________________________ ⠀ ⠀ 📌 Мкрн. Юго-Восток, Арганаты 13. ⠀ 📞+7 (7172) 95-47-11⠀ 📱+7 (701) 956-55-77⠀ ⠀ _________________________ ⠀ ⠀ #поестьастана #астана #едаастана #food #astanafood #bistro #бистро #стейки #кофе #бургеры #паста #пицца #coffee #кофенавынос #торты #тортыназаказ #goodstuff⠀

3 1 Nov 25, 2017

This Thanksgiving sponsored by Cliff bars #yummy #goodstuff

52 1 Nov 25, 2017
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