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CETINJE@ MONDAY23OCTOBER2017 ☁☁☁ #goodday #cloudy️ #autumn🍁 #lovcenckavila #balsicapazar #cetinje #montenegro #crnagora🇲🇪

0 0 Oct 23, 2017

Хороший такой продуктивный денёчек выдался🙃 И вам хорошего дня🌸 #goodday

1 0 Oct 23, 2017

Cuando la vida te cruza con personas maravillosas ✨ #losmatesmasricos #recuerdos #inolvidables #live #goodday #palermo #bosquesdepalermo #relaxtime 🌈😋 nnatalleguizamon

0 0 Oct 23, 2017

Birthday boy. | | This writing might take me as long as half a day for my schedule never allows me to enjoy any free time properly. Instead, I'm given 20 minutes and end up having to run to reach a building on time only to find myself writing in an hour or two just to be interrupted by something again. Today is probably going to be a perfect example of what I'm trying to say but I don't care. Not at all. I own this day! Honestly,so far I've owned the MONTH itself and a possible explanation would be the fact that it contains my birth date. A more realistic one has more confidence in my doing an exceptional job at having a well-structured, busy, and satisfyingly productive way of life. By exceptional I mainly mean to say it's something I haven't done before in October. Thank God for February! Almost literally everything about me has changed since then. But the biggest factor, the actual mastermind and catalyst behind these past unique 365 days' success was indeed October. When a self-rebirth began taking place, priceless friends were found, loneliness and laziness declined and better times woke up for life. Being at Moskovska street now with the usual Mondayish spare time, I can't help but comment on the weather. In one word dead. What true autumn (or a certain Mediterranean cyclone) has been doing to innocent late summer is both cruel and spectacular. I think today's rains have already wiped any traces of warmth off the face of Bulgaria. The funny thing is it hasn't rained that much. Wait,funny? It'd better taken as a warning. Perhaps it's my birthday perhaps forecasts lie but right now dakrness is gradually engulfing the sky without even a sign of rain. White will soon disappear. As far as blue is concerned it's temporarily extinct. Gray is the new white and blue and grey is here to stay for at least two more days. Hey,at least I spent last week in the best possible way. Wearing summer clothing every day, running on only a selected few days but running with indescribable pleasure.. Taking incredible photos of Sofia and my hometown, as well as of sunrises and sunsets.. Coping with stress without having a breakdown, and coping with school without ruining my

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- зима для того и создана в белых тонах, что бы начинать свою жизнь с белого листа. 💫❄⛄💫 #winter #autumn #зимаосенью #instagood #instalike #good #goodday #loveme #lovewinter #loveme #mi #mylove #snow #lovesnow #люблюснег

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Imádom😘❤❤❤ #mydog #best #socutee #mandy #boxi #autumn #likeforlike #goodday #goodlife

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🦊 . . . . . . #instagram #kiev #kievgram #october #mood #goodday

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