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#HERO #SGTGEANEY Totally saved my life today! She is one of Gods earth angels! I have never in all my life witnessed #LAPD do anything remotely close to what she did today for me. I cannot thank you enough! One of the many people who witnessed her in action today was the top colorist at salonRepublic which is wolfcolourmagic who was floored by your beautiful heart. So he’s offering a hair service, be it color, cut, and style, it’s on the house. Mani and pedi is being offered to you by angelliquesalon the massage therapist doesn’t have an Instagram that I know of but full body 1 hour, yours. And if you’re into microblading or know anyone who wants or needs the service, I’m at your service! OMG thank you soooo much, my whole family thanks you, all my friends and co workers thank you!!! You’re a #HERO SGTGEANEY 🙏🏽✊🏽😇👍🏽👮‍♀️💅🏽💆‍♀️💐🌸💥Thank you!!!!!! #goodcops #goodcopsdoexist #goodcopstory #goodcopstv #goodcopstories #HOLLYWOODLAPD

55 10 Mar 14, 2018

As I watched these Officers fall into formation I'm reminded that being "On The Job" ain't easy... there are many hurdles that one will cross or go through during the daily tour. The officers of Thailand wearing full gear endure hot... hot sun plus at times extremely wet conditions. I must give much thanks to their department during the occasion I lost my passport and a heap of cash, but with their diligence, I was able to recovered both. 👏 #streetlife #thailandpolice #police #formation #photos #photographyeveryday #goodcopstories #thailand #instapics #goodcops #streetshot #pickoftheday #streetphotography #rolecall #instapic #fotografia #photoobserve #uniform #thankful

62 2 Feb 24, 2018

Thank you so much! #goodcopstories

9 2 Feb 9, 2018

Thank you to Officer Sanchez of the Clayton County Police and to The Special Agent from Georgia 511 for coming to my rescue and helping me before the roadside assistance service even made it to the scene. #goodcopstories

5 0 Feb 9, 2018

LPSO recognizes Reserve Deputy La’Kita Roberton: while visiting family in Oklahoma during Thanksgiving, Deputy Robertson was trying to grab some Black Friday deals at a Walmart in Tulsa – one of the busiest Walmart stores in the country. As she walked out of the store, she overheard an officer tell a subject to put down his weapon. A man had a box cutter and was threatening to use it on store employees. Deputy Robertson identified herself to the officer, asking if he needed assistance. The officer accepted, and Roberson retrieved her weapon. They were able to convince the man not to hurt anyone. Additional officers soon arrived, and the suspect was taken into custody without further incident. Deputy Robertson said, “I was trained to always be prepared for the unexpected, to be ready to do my job in or out of uniform. Policing, helping, and serving my community are my passions – what I love to do… even if it’s in another state.” This story demonstrates that crime does not take a holiday, and deputies are never off duty. We commend Deputy Robertson for her actions! Way to go, La’Kita! #GoodCopStories

188 11 Dec 30, 2017

Just a quick shoutout to Officer Sanchez of arcadiapd . Though it was for a minor fix it he approached the stop in a very professional and courteous manner. Expressed his personal concern regarding encouraging drivers to get their brake lights fixed to mitigate potential accidents. I was driving back a car for my dad from the dealership that needed to be towed to get a new key so we were unaware of any light issues until now. Just wanted to acknowledge this as a positive interaction that many tend to take for granted. Routine traffic stops are never routine for law enforcement and they take a chance each time they do so. It's not beyond reason for officers to have high adrenaline and come of a bit amped. In this case Officer Sanchez demonstrated a demeanor and courtesy that seems to get less attention in today's social media fueled society. #goodcopstories #bluelivesmatter #breakthestereotype #notallcopsaredicks #trafficstop #armyvet #veteran #onlyhadcoffeeforbreakfast #thanksfornotbeingadick #staysafebrothersandsistersinblue #arcadia #dadlife

20 3 Dec 16, 2017

Sharing this from our friends with polksheriff Excellent job Deputies, stay safe. #GoodCopStories ________________ We didn’t want #givingTuesday to pass without telling you about this great story from Poinciana, featuring 11 yr old Princton and his family, who are very special to us. Back in July, Princton’s aunt reported to PCSO that his bike had been stolen. The deputies assigned to the Northeast District worked the case for months, but never did recover the bike. So they decided to do the kind of thing they do all year long that people never hear about - they pooled their money together and bought the young man a new bike. They surprised Princton with the new bike on the day before Thanksgiving. His smile is 1,000 watts. Happy Thanksgiving, Princton. We hope this new bike brings you as much joy as the one that was taken from you. As public servants, we embrace each opportunity to show you how much you mean to us. In this season of giving, we hope you’ll join us in our efforts to always spread kindness and joy. #PCSO #copsandkids #kindnessmatters

88 1 Nov 29, 2017

When you help fight crime in your spare time 😎 Today, Roanoke City PD enlisted my help to catch a holiday purse snatcher. She was apprehended without incident (in front of my rental counter.) I may be asked to point her out in a line up. 😳 #roanoke #thanksgiving #fightcrime #police #policeman #goodcop #goodcopstories

29 3 Nov 26, 2017

One of our Probation Officers worked with the Sheriff Toy Project to help provide a youth with a new bike after his was stolen. The young man rides over 3 miles to school, regardless of weather conditions to attend class. #goodcopstories

52 0 Nov 15, 2017

Just having fun with cops #goodcops #goodcopstories

11 0 Nov 2, 2017

On his way home Wednesday evening, Captain Cortrell Davis passed an elderly man struggling to cut thick grass with a lawnmower. Captain Davis, who is the Warden at the Lafourche Parish Detention Center, said his heart sank when he saw this, and he just had to see if he could help. The resident, Mr. Larry Johnson, happily accepted the assistance, and Captain Davis finished cutting his entire yard! #GoodCopStories #HumanizeTheBadge

328 20 Jul 28, 2017

Cops didn't shoot you, they'd beat your ass for being disrespectful , make you pour out your cold beers for drinking underage , bust your ass for drag racing and let you go home with a warning, back in my day I knew every cop in town , so many stories of getting pulled over for breaking the rules always started with hello officer Church how are you tonight! #backinmyday #goodcopbadcop #goodcopstories #iwasbeingapunk #yessir #thechaseisbetterthanthecatch #66mustang #71mach1

42 4 Jun 23, 2017

#Repost police_pics with repostapp ・・・ #Repost worldstar with repostapp ・・・ "Four police officers attend daddy-daughter dance with four sisters whose father couldn't make the dance. "It was touching." 👍🙏💯 ABCNews #WSHH shared to me by _queen_idfwu_ #cops #goodcopstories #lawenforcement #police #thinblueline

1359 26 Apr 1, 2017

Deputy Brandon Queen stopped by a residence recently and met Parker! Parker's mother sent us this photo and said he was "starstruck" upon meeting Deputy Queen whom she thanked for his service and making her son's day! #GoodCopStories #LESM

131 4 Mar 6, 2017

From my buddy rdwarfield POSITIVE SPOTLIGHT: Shout out to norfolkpolice -- Four neighborhood police officers came in to the barber shop (Kuttin Edges) to say hello, answer questions and introduce themselves to the staff and patrons. No agenda, press or other motives -- just a positive, unplanned meet & greet. The two officers pictured above took special interest in the young boys hanging out and played pool (creating a positive experience/memory and no doubt making a few new friends). The male officer even sat in the chair and got a fresh cut (this is the before pic). With all the negativity in the world, more energy and attention should be directed toward moments like this! Good on you cityofnorfolkva -- creating the positive relationship and being proactive in your community relations. It did not go unnoticed today -- take note world, this is what RIGHT looks like! #norfolk #goodcops #barbershopstories #goodcopstories #positiveenergy #thereishope

18 1 Feb 26, 2017
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