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those who matter, hold them close while you can 🌿 #thanksgiving

19 1 Nov 24, 2017

Udantha Tara Pentagon Maple Park is located 55 km southeast of Ganqi Town, where the government of Kezuo Houqi is located. The Horqin Desert, 11 km south of the northern line of Ganjin, covers a total area of ​​105,000 mu with a forest area of ​​93,000 mu , Accounting for 80% of the total area of ​​protected areas, is an autonomous region-level nature reserve. There are 5,300 mu of natural forest in the reserve, which is mainly dominated by Pelargonium sibirica. Its growth period (ie, tree age) is above 50-500 years.  Pentagon maple is a valuable species, because of its unique five-cracked Maple Leaf named. It is not only highly ornamental, but also has a very important ecological role, is the Eastern White Stork, golden carving and other rare birds habitat breeding sites. After the autumn frost, leaves of different colors, magnificent. 2015 here, red, orange, yellow, purple maple leaves left, but the maple forest is huge, the crown diameter of more than 20 meters, it is shocking linger. September 20, 2016 To take pictures again, maple forest is almost green, occasionally red and yellow shadow, leaving regret. 2018 must go. #nature_wizards #go_planet #landscape #photographer #canon_pictures #naturelovers #nature_shooters #nature_skyshots #ig_color #go_planet #canonchina #pic_lovers #loves_photography #eye_for_earth #landscapephotography #world_scapes #bns_landscape #ig_asia #mountains #capture_today #explore_earth #show_us_nature #landscape_focus_on #picturetokeep_nature #canon1dx #igerslandscapes #globeuniq #thehub_landscape #explore_earth_ #explore_earth__

14 2 Nov 24, 2017

Sobre o fim da tarde...

90 10 Nov 24, 2017

The grandest of entrance awaits your arrival at Westminster Abbey. Ever since 1066, all coronations has taken place inside this grand building and up to date, 16 royal weddings. Being non British, we might not know of any apart from the #royalwedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton that took place on 29th April 2011. To me, it was the one that actually opened up to the world about the grandness of Westminster Abbey. Watching the live telecast was like magic. I remembered going “ohhhh” and “ahhhh” over the majestic architecture that made the wedding extra special (I’m a sucker of massive grand pillars and intricate sculptures). Because it was a celebratory occasion filled with joy, it portrayed the abbey in a magical presence and made me want to be there in person. Well, I guess sometimes wishes do come true and I’m a prime example of it because there I was at the abbey wandering through its massive structure appreciating everything in person. Are you a travel fan? #followme on my travels to get a glimpse of local insights and past history of the places I’ve been. #travelbug #travelgram #travellingcouple #welivetoexplore #explorelondon #tourismlondon #londontourist #londontour #enjoytravel #tripadvisor #airbnbtravel #bbctravels #visitbritain #ilovelondon #go_planet #travelguide #londonlicious #westminsterabbey #londoncalling #londoncallingmagazine #instapassport #instatravel

19 0 Nov 24, 2017

27 2 Nov 24, 2017

🌝ЛУНА и 🌴СОСНА . 🤣 Встречались ли вам хищные... сосны! . 🤔Думаю, что нет. . 🚲А мне вот посчастливилось во время велосипедной прогулки заметить эту красавицу! Не смогла оставить её без своего внимания! . 🌝Полагаю, что сосна обессилела: истрепали её ветры буйные, иссушило её солнце, грусть-тоска на неё напала. И решила она напитаться лунной энергией. Нынче все так делают😃, ну, по крайней мере, женщины. А сосна, она ведь тоже "женщина". Да, видно не рассчитала что-то, и проглотила луну целиком, со всеми потрохами. . 💪Теперь точно вымахает до неба! В следующий раз приеду к сестре отдыхать, проверю🤣! . 👍Отличного всем дня! 👀 И побольше удивляйтесь! 💖МИР ПРЕКРАСЕН!

7 1 Nov 24, 2017

Thankful for this beautiful life and the endless reasons that make it worth living 🌿✌🏻 #beatinghearts #breathingsouls #tobealive #toexplore

124 4 Nov 24, 2017
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