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."Despair is messy and confusing. It devours love and hate.".-Wow ok sorry i keep editing dangan ronpa oops-Lowkey vent?? Idk what i was venting about tho so-My first time using Magic Bullet!!-Ive been trying to add more movement through my edits is it working aaaa.Made With SVP Song: GNATS Ft. BLANKETS - Tülpa (audio edited by me)..[Tags] #danganronpaedits #danganronpaedit #danganronpa #dr #dredit #despairarc #despairarcedit #dr3 #izurukamakura #izurukamukuraedit


Drain flies, sink flies, moth flies, or sewer gnats ( #Psychodidae) are small true flies ( #Diptera) with short, hairy bodies and wings giving them a "furry" moth-like appearance, hence one of their common names, moth flies. Moth flies sometimes inhabit human drains and sewage systems where they are a harmless but persistent annoyance.In small numbers, the larvae are sometimes considered beneficial as their strong jaws are capable of cutting through the hair and sludge waste in drains which might otherwise form clogs. However, unless this sludge layer is removed entirely, the adult flies will continue to find it and lay more eggs.They are not known to carry any human diseases, and are not parasitic on any other animal. #sinkfly #drainfly #sewergnat #mothfly

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