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Test tiles from the oxides & underglazes class arthousepottery with artwithkrishna experimenting using oxides & underglazes over & under different glazes, with & without white slip base! #testtile #underglaze #oxide #ceramics #glazecourse #arthousepottery


I have been away teaching at West Dean College and demonstrating at the Scottish Potters annual workshop. A lot of people asked me about cones. It is important to test your kiln (even if you have an electric one) using cones. They are made of glaze material and measure the heat work rather than just the temperature. If you heat the kiln at a slow rate, the temperature needed to bend the cone will be lower than if you heat at a faster rate. The cone is fired when its tip touches the base (see front left-hand cone). Stick three cones in a pad of clay at a slight angle. The one in the middle is your target temperature, the one on the right is the guard cone, which should remain standing unless you have overfired. #cones #seger #orton #kiln #firing #electric #gas #wood #heatwork #temperature #time #glazecourse

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