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We want to see you Burlesque!! We’ve got 6 week courses that’ll cover an entire routine, complete with chair tricks, and you have the opportunity to perform it at one of our showcases!! 😍 so... what are you waiting for? #getsexygetfit #hamont #hamilton #hamiltonfitness #burlesque #femmesfatales #dance #mcmasteruniversity #mcmaster #mohawkcollege #westdalevillage #westdale

50 4 Dec 14, 2017

Gotta love Facebook for “On This Day” . Everyday, I am reminded by FB just how far I have come with my transformation. I never imagined I would make it this far for myself nor business. . This day last year, I had put myself out on social media announcing I had LOST 20 pounds. How did I lose 20 pounds over that year? I signed up to coach and made a commitment to Beachbody that I would show up everyday sharing my journey. Sharing about the at home workouts I followed, the clean eating I practiced, and Shakeology. When I signed up to coach I knew I had to go all in, especially if I was announcing it on social media. I thought, if I came out live and shared my goals and vision it might create this sense of urgency for me to really take control and go for it. . When those memories pop up and remind you what you were doing on this day last year does it make you proud because you have progressed, or are you still stuck doing the same and wishing for the same change? . I use to be stuck. I use to love routine. I use to love comfort. I use to be the one to sit back and want change but never took charge. . Now everyday, I am taking charge and creating the person I want to be AND I am helping others do the same! . If you are ready to take control and commit - there’s a new program launching called 80 Day Obsession which focuses on Abs & Booty!! I got the invite to do a test group with trainer AUTUMN CALABRESE , and can invite new coaches! So, if you are like me and want to join as a coach to hold yourself accountable let chat and let’s do this test group together!!!!! #80dayobsession #needachange #areyoureadytocommittofit #thisisyourtime #jointhechallenge #fitness #itstimetowakeup #letsdothis💪 #getsexygetfit #itsasign #transformation #wellnesscoach

31 2 Dec 14, 2017

❤️Sometimes the only way to stay sane, is to go a little crazy💙

98 9 Dec 12, 2017

When you want to post on #sundaybumday but it doesn’t matter what angle you take it at... you still have a #smallbooty 😅🍑 —— • pole shorts from heyheyandco —— #hoopersofinstagram #aerialhoop #sundaybumday #christmashoop #getsexygetfit #allurefitness

54 3 Dec 11, 2017

FITNESS MEETS LIFESTYLE. CLASSIC MEETS MODERN. Nowo otwarty klub ICON Fitness w budynku Starej Poczty to wyjątkowe miejsce gdzie klasyka łączy się z nowoczesnością, a Fitness nabiera nowego znaczenia. Nasza wyjątkowa rewolucja łączy w sobie oryginalną przestrzeń historycznego budynku, ze świeżym spojrzeniem treningu i zdrowym trybem życia 💪 #bestrong #getsexy #getsexygetfit #beanicon #followtheicon #iconfitness

7 0 Dec 10, 2017

When pole dancers have a Christmas party 😊 #allurefitness #getsexygetfit #poledoubles #poledancers #polechristmas #superman

45 0 Dec 10, 2017

I just love him. Makes out with me. Checks to make sure I liked it. Then poses for a photo op. ❤️ 🐶 jude_the_puggle #therealmrallure #allurefitness #hamont #judethepuggle #puggle #allurechristmasparty #getsexygetfit #aerialhoop

76 0 Dec 10, 2017

OH Christmas hoop OH Christmas hoop

60 2 Dec 10, 2017

I'm lit #getsexygetfit #allurefitness

96 2 Dec 10, 2017

I had fun hanging around at my gym's Holiday Extravaganza Open House today! Thanks for trying that doubles hoop thing with me xxkyrareaperxx , and so nice to see everyone else too! I'm glad I managed to get involved in some of the fun there, otherwise I would have consigned myself to some corner or other or left sooner -- not good at peopling unless I'm physically doing stuff. Maybe next year I'll bring an ugly sweater too :-) #allurefitness #holidayopenhouse #getsexygetfit #pole #hoop #lyra #polesisters #aerialgirl

40 1 Dec 10, 2017

Every Monday! Ladies you don't want to miss this class.... #getsexygetfit #241

4 0 Dec 9, 2017
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