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Calling all confirmed bachelors! This week's Gentleman's Bully, BUSTER, wants to live that bachelor life with you! Buster's been in a few relationships, but they haven't worked out. Actually, I think his longest relationship may be with shelter volunteers. ;-) Like to party? So does Buster! You should see this guy zoom around the play yard! Like to show off at the pool? So does Buster! Buster is always showing off his muscles pool side...and yeah, he skinny dips like #whatevs. Buster likes to stay active and loves to go on adventures. Pool buddy in the summer, hiking buddy in the winter! Find kids annoying? So does Buster! Not so in to those yippy little fru-fru dogs the ladies try to bring over? Well neither is Buster, and now you have an excuse: "Uh, my dog thinks your little dog is a snack, so maybe just leave it at home, eh?" But maybe you have a bigger dog at home already- well that's potentially okay with Buster! As with all people (because Buster is a person in my mind), Buster likes to pick his own friends. Bring your dog to the shelter for an intro and we can help everyone meet to make sure they get along. Who needs a significant other when you have Buster in your life? Mom wants to know when you're getting married, fellas? Just tell her you're already in a committed relationship. Mom, meet Buster! <3 You can visit two yr old Buster at the MC Animal Care, West shelter at 2500 S. 27th Ave., Phx. Buster- A3869914 #gentlemansbully! *Disclaimer: While it's accurate that Buster does not like kids or small dogs, he's also open to bachellorettes and families with no kids. :-D

78 2 Oct 18, 2017

KONA is this week's Gentleman's Bully! Yes, I have to type his name in all capitals because KONA is a bold dog! This is not your grandparent's dog. If you have a heart condition, or suffer from wimpiness, do not take on KONA. ;-) Now that said, KONA has a lot to offer you! He's fun, friendly, energetic, and oh-so-handsome! Guys, you're sure to get noticed when you walk down the street with KONA! KONA is pretty strong on leash (no need to lift weights at the gym) and knows "sit" already for a treat. Well, sort of. He sits and then jumps right up again. When you're as active as KONA, sitting for too long just isn't in your soul. ;-) Do you have a short attention span? So does KONA! Play time is fun...but so is peeing on a bush...and so is jumping on the human...and so is chasing a ball halfway and then giving up and veering off in another direction...get the picture? KONA just has so much to do, he can't stay on one task for too long. If KONA was a person, he would be the sky diving, white water rafting, bungee jumping sort. So, all you thrill seekers out there- if you're looking for a buddy for all your active adventures, KONA is the one for you! Well, he can't really go bungee jumping with you, but he can support you from the sidelines. ;-) KONA enjoys playing rough & rowdy with other dogs. If you have a dog at home, bring them in to make sure they enjoy KONA's energy. You can visit this 2 yr old energizer bunny at the MC Animal Care, West shelter at 2500 S. 27th Ave., Phx. KONA- A3973459 #gentlemansbully

95 4 Oct 12, 2017

**ADOPTED** This week's Gentleman's Bully is...NARWAHL! Last week, I featured a rough & rowdy, active guy. This week we have a well mannered, polite, hold-the-door-open for you kind of guy...well, he would hold the door open for you if he had opposable thumbs lol. 🤣 Narwahl is the kind of guy you take home to mom. Men, if you're looking to prove to your lady's parents you're a stand-up guy, adopting Narwahl is step number one. 😉 Narwahl is great in playgroups with other dogs and is used as a greeter dog/rockstar, which means he gets along great with a variety of different dogs! Bring your dog from home in, and staff can help everyone meet. With people, Narwahl is gentle, affectionate and basically perfect. He knows "sit" for a treat, walks well on the leash, and is nice to everyone he has met so far, both two and four legged! Visit 5 yr old Narwahl at the MC Animal Care, West shelter at 2500 S. 27th Ave., Phx. His $20 adoption includes neuter, rabies certificate and County license. Narwahl- A3864601 #gentlemansbully

103 6 Sep 26, 2017

**ADOPTED** Introducing a new feature I'm calling...Gentleman's Bully! In looking at my page stats, it seems the vast majority of my likes and shares are from women. Which is awesome...but I know guys love dogs too! Where are you, fellas?! So these pictures are for you. Each week I'll be sharing an adoptable dog; a rough & rowdy, mud loving, strong & active, wingman kind of dog. Tough on the outside, but soft on the inside. A dog to make the ladies swoon. And if you're the kind of guy who likes to look sharp and wear bow ties...well yeah, these dogs do that too. ;-) #gentlemansbully Terk is our first Gentleman's Bully and he is all of the above and more! Terk has been at the shelter two and a half months, which is so hard on an active dog like him. He starts off like a wind up toy and settles after some activity. He loves to play with other dogs (bring them in for an intro to make sure they are okay with Terk's energy!) and loves to meet new people. He's the life of the party and sure to be a conversation starter for you! Come meet 1 yr old Terk and run on out of the shelter together! Terk is available at the MC Animal Care, West shelter (2500 S. 27th Ave., Phx). His $20 adoption fee includes neuter (yes, family planning is a must, guys), rabies certificate and County license. Terk- A3956506

109 7 Sep 20, 2017
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