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Yey!! Dags igen! Vi är poppis🙌🏽 katarinawibergbarter och jag peppar lärare att bättre äga till klassrum o på så vis öka både sitt eget o sina elevers engagemang. Tipsa gärna de ni känner i skolvärlden i Sthlm! Vi kickar snart igång liknande upplägg för företag! Bättre kombo än mina jobb kan jag aldrig tänka mig! #futurebyme #pepp #retorik

69 9 Nov 10, 2017

BÄST är ändå att krama ur det bästa ur andras möjligheter och samtidigt ha kul själv! Just peppat 30 lärare till att med hjälp av retoriska verktyg och personligt uttryck bättre äga sitt klassrum 👊🏻🙌🏼💃🏼 #retorik #skola #tala #win #futurebyme

77 2 Oct 18, 2017

Following up the “My Life Story” video, my Q&A video where I answer some questions from you guys! Watch the video by clicking the link in my bio! surface #Ad #FutureByMe

326 1 Aug 9, 2017

Answered a bunch of your ?'s with the surface & princewinkleton! Check it here Much love squad. #FutureByMe #sponsored

4255 35 Aug 9, 2017

Missing these cuties💖 Also make sure you check out my video I uploaded yesterday where I partnered up with surface to share with you my youtube story and how to deal with mean girls in high school! Comment down below if you've seen it 🌊 🌴 💖 #FutureByMe #ad

12917 1018 Jul 30, 2017

NEW VIDEO ALERT!! Check out my latest Q&A! I had so much fun being able to share my story with you all & it was super cool being able to answer a lot of your questions! Click the link in my bio to watch!♥️ surface #FutureByMe #sponsored

2475 21 Jul 28, 2017

New video today! surface and I linked up to tell you the story of how I got to where I am today! I'm excited to share my experiences in life that gave me the opportunity to have a career doing what I love. Click the link in my bio to hear my story! #futurebyme #ad

518 13 Jul 25, 2017

‪In today's video I paired up with Microsoft surface to talk about my story and give the best advice I can. ‬ ‪ #ad #futurebyme‬ ⬇️video⬇️ ‪‬

4734 28 Jul 25, 2017

Did a Q&A with microsoft and #surface and you guys did not hold back! #futurebyme link in bio!

2008 13 Jul 19, 2017

NEW VIDEO!!💕Guys I'm so excited to finally share my story with all of you! Click the link in my bio to watch the full vid!! surface #futurebyme #sponsored

1666 40 Jul 12, 2017

Im on my way home, checking in on your comments from my #futurebyme video with surface! Don't forget to leave your question for the q&a in the comments! #ad

2968 2 Jun 25, 2017

🌸 I'm super excited to share this special story time with you guys, where I will talk about my journey (filled with ups and downs) of how I became a full time artist, specifically discussing how I overcame those moments of self-doubt, failure, and discouragement. ✨VISIT 👉🏼YOUTUBE.COM/HAPPYDARTIST ✨ to see the full video! 🌸 surface #futurebyme #ad

3547 77 Jun 23, 2017

I partnered with surface to make a new video as a part of the #futurebyme series where I explain exactly the path that led me to where I am today. You can learn more about the Microsoft Surface here: and don't forget to ask your questions for the Q&A in the comments below, and wait for the video over at! This post is #sponsored by Microsoft.

3591 18 Jun 23, 2017

cần 1 cái định hướng rõ ràng, cần bổ sung cái gì, học thêm cái gì,....??? hoang mang vl #futurebyme

13 0 Sep 27, 2016
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