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I got to sleep in the big bed last night... I was cozy and warm all night 🌟

11 1 Dec 12, 2017

This furry lil’girl has been on me like glue. I missed her too! #furrykid #kittycat

7 1 Dec 11, 2017

Vince would clearly be the golden boy in school. He would be the most good looking, the smartest, the most polite, the friendliest, and the most lovable among them all. Many other students have secret crushes on him, but he only thinks about his studies so no one ever had any chance. He’s great with studies and he has the best handwriting, he always looks neat and clean with the softest hair too. He learns two musical instruments and excels in both. Although secretly, he really likes junk food and loathes vegetables. 🥔 #vincentvegathevotato

127 6 Dec 11, 2017

I think Maisy would be the type of student who’s very pretty, the top of the class, and is teacher’s favorite. She’s nice, smart, and has good hygiene practice, she’s also good with all extracurricular activities from playing the recorder to running the field. She also loves to eat and is not afraid to show it. Although sometimes she might be a little bit too talkative, everybody simply wants to be her friends.🍗 #teenmommaisy

172 8 Dec 11, 2017

blep! amber can be a goof at times. she is being treated for earmites as well as the infection on her paw. doing very well on both accounts 😸 #amber #cats #catvilla #cats_of_instagram #catdaddy #furry #furrykid #furryfandom #gato #meow #adopt #rescuedcat #growingcat #adoptdontshop #blonde #pussyboss #pose #sphynx #ambereye

29 2 Dec 11, 2017

Juju would be the type of student who couldn’t stop fidgeting and playing in class, he’s very active and was always seen running around playing with his classmates, his uniform was always dirty and messy, he’s the lanky pimply kid who probably doesn’t do very well in class and he’s clueless about school work, but when the teachers ask him for help with stuff like cleaning the board or carrying stuff, he’s always on it. 🍊 #orangejuliusthetempuranugget

144 7 Dec 11, 2017

If Chuck goes to school, she must be the type of student who’s shy and quiet, sits at the furthest corner and do her own thing, doesn’t really talk to anyone, but when being asked questions by teachers, she would always know the answers. She secretly think about food all the time though, and if you get to know her better, she’s actually really playful. 🍠 #charlottechuckmissymcbitehashalfatail

176 11 Dec 11, 2017
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