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Load, Aim, and Fire lol #funny #meme

1 0 Jun 27, 2017

Having some fun on twitter today and this was a female followers response 😭😂😂🤣😆😭 What man besides a perv would want to use the women's restroom? Notice how women can make themselves at home in the restroom? They wven go to the restroom in groups to talk about womanly things. Why would a men in a custom want to disrupt that? 🤔If you became a woman this is not for you! Hey Bill Meyer called himself a house N and still has a job. Lighten up butter cups! Laughter is good for you! #disruptresistance #learnsomething #pushback #jointherebellion #glockboy #gunequality #funny #laughter #haha #happymonday #goodtimes

0 0 Jun 27, 2017

#funny #dankmemes #memes

0 0 Jun 27, 2017

Hi -🐧

0 1 Jun 27, 2017
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