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#NobodysListening è uno dei brani meno famosi di #Meteora. Il pezzo, che si discosta dagli altri, è caratterizzato dall'utilizzo del shakuhachi, un flauto tradizionale giapponese. #LPFamily #MakeChesterProud #fuckdepression #SpreadLove #LinkinParkItalia #LinkinPark

44 0 Feb 22, 2018

Weep not for roads untraveled, weep not for sights unseen! May your love never end and if you need a friend, there's a seat here along side me. #SP #LP #RoadsUntraveled #makechesterproud #fuckdepression #dreambig

9 0 Feb 22, 2018

Productive day, I'm pretty happy^^ • Now to game + Netflix w/ the lover ♡ Really need to buy a new phone. 4 year old camera and IT SHOWS. . . . . #instagamer #guildwars2 #pcgamer #gamergirl #girlgamer #alternativegirl #lunartideshair #lunartideshairdye #lasplashcosmetics #kvdbeauty #ledzeppelin #lippiercing #makechesterproud #fuckdepression #fuckmentalillness #gad #bpd #ocd #clinicaldepression #majordepressivedisorder

13 0 Feb 22, 2018

Good morning guys 👋🏻❤. Hope you have a good day❤

17 1 Feb 22, 2018

Fuck depression man. Honestly I’m so fucking mad. I’m so mad that good people have to go through depression on a daily basis. People don’t deserve this Fucking shit. Depression drains you emotionally. If I could change one thing in this world, it would be to get rid of depression + anxiety. These things you just can’t go to the doctors to go fix it. People say go talk to someone, yeah talking to someone helps to a certain extent. Doctors just give you anti depressants but they fucking numb you. Depression has me fucked up. It practically puts people’s life on hold. Stops them from doing what they love most. You know what hurts me the most is it happens to the good people, the people who put others before them just the people who are so fucking loving and caring. Depression is a fucking horrible battle to go through - for anyone to go through. To whoever is going through depression. You are going to be okay. You may think right now shit ain’t even worth it no more but trust me man life is so fucking previous just because you are struggling right now doesn’t mean you have to give up. You have a future. If you let all these negative thoughts and feelings take over you will continue you to feel like this. It’s hard- think about the good things you have in life. I’m so proud to all those people going through depression- you get up everyday, you go to school or work, you get through each day. You have days where you can’t even get out of bed and that’s okay because the next day will be better. Just keep getting through each day, take it day by day. Every each individual, your life is worth so much., you will not feel like this forever, you can get through this battle that you are going through. You have so many people that care about you. Don’t give up, life is very precious. Things will get better. Never ever feel like you must hide your emotions or go through this by yourself. You are doing so well. Keep going 💘 #fuckdepression If anyone ever ever needs to talk you can just message me or call me. No one deserves to feel like this. I’ve felt this pain and it’s horrible. You are doing so amazing.❤️

91 16 Feb 22, 2018

"One more light" is the most soulful, heavy (morally) and deep album !!! I fell in love with him from the very first sound! the song "Heavy" is just something powerful and magical! you know, I do not like female singers or soloists, but Kiiara just turned my world around! I'm just crazy about this girl! she is very cool, talented and beautiful! love you, Kii🦄❤️ thanks for this album !!! Guys, I love you all!💕🙏🏼 #OneMoreLight #Kiiara #LinkinPark #MakeChesterProud #FuckDepression #ThankYouChester #ThankYouLinkinPark #ThankYouKiiara

30 0 Feb 22, 2018

day 1. omg! i remember how i listened this song😱 one of my favorite songs ever 💕💥 #LinkinPark #Challenge #MakeChesterProud #ThankYouChester #PostTraumaticInRussia #FuckDepression

19 0 Feb 22, 2018
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