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Always after my doctor appointments i go for a nice lil walk around the city i #love seeing people enjoying the weather, enjoying life, enjoying nature, its a beautiful thing and those are some of the best pictures you can take of people enjoying the WORLD around them and all its beauty. #city #citylife #justgoshoot #picoftheday #photooftheday #nycstreets #nyc #everydaypeople #enjoylife #enjoynature #ig_street #streetphotography #streetart #streetwear #ig_street #freelancephotographer #freelancephotography #mobilephotography #mobilelegends #phonetography #photographyislife #photographyisart #photographylovers

8 0 Mar 19, 2018

Corporate Headshot

23 2 Mar 19, 2018

Happy to be able to share some of my latest photography work. Really, really like these shots if I do say so myself. 📸 What do you think of them? Please do let me know below as all feedback is appreciated! And again, if you feel comfortable in front of the camera then jump in my DM’s as I would love to shoot more! 📲 #portraitphotography #portrait_shots

21 1 Mar 19, 2018

Scientist Linda

15 1 Mar 19, 2018

On my way to Utah for a freelance gig and checking in here for some real talk: Sometimes the work you take as a freelancer or entrepreneur isn't always super creative, but it pays the bills. I know! It's what no one wants to talk about right? We'd rather just show snapshots from the glossy things we do. But I'm here to tell you there is no shame in doing the things that although it's not super "creative," it's allowing you to live the life you want! • Finding gigs with travel perks isn't bad either 😉

10 1 Mar 19, 2018
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