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Christiana sighed as she folded her slender legs on the sofa. Her hands hugged her delicate body, like it was giving support to the thick jacket meant to keep the harmattan cold away. It was indeed a cold morning. A lazy one too, as she had nowhere to go. It was one of the many days off from work, thanks to the festive period and the public holiday. She knew she should try to get dressed, and then head out to her best friend’s. But the cold wouldn’t let her. So she spent time browsing through Facebook and sipping hot tea. All her Facebook friends had on their walls were Christmas and New Year wishes. I wish you bla bla bla. And I prophesy more bla, bla, bla. Even the ones who secretly hated each other would still throw half-hearted wishes. I didn’t know a new year can make everyone a prophet. She thought, smiling. Christiana was going to reply to a happy christmas post on her wall when her phone rang. “Jeez!” she rolled her eyes. “What a nice time to call”. Looking at the caller’s ID, it was Sofie. Sure, she should have seen that coming. Since she made no move to call or visit her friend, her friend was definitely going to call or visit. Sometimes, it could be both. Christiana looked at the caller ID one more time and frowned, before picking up. “Can’t you even try to stay on your own for one morning?” she asked first. “Ha! Stay on my own when I have you? You’re kidding. Right?” That was Sofie “No. Today is my day off and I want to make the most of it without you interfering.” “You should even ask me to interfere because I have good… Scratch that. I have great news.” “And what news can be great on a day I feel like resting?” “Guess!” Sofie sounded excited. Curious? Click link in my Bio to read the full story. #blogger #blog #pelleura #romance #romancestory #romancenovel #blogpost #blogstory #paranormalromance #paranormalfiction #professionalfreelancer #professionalfreelancewriter #freelancewriters #freelance #blogposts #blogcontent #ebooks

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An oldie but a great makeup and photoshoot! #makeupartist #freelance #artist #philly #newjersey

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