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Just a few hours left before our holiday cutoff (which is tonight at midnight btw!) and we can officially call this our best holiday season yet! We’re working hard to get all of your orders out - anything placed before our cutoff will ship by 12/20. Any orders placed after today won’t ship until January. We’re taking the week after Christmas off to spend some good old fashioned quality time with the kiddos! Thanks for all your love this season! ❤️🌲🎁✌🏻 #handmadeholiday #helloadorn

4 1 Dec 12, 2017

You know how proud I am of the people that give their all and believe in themselves no matter what. . My friend Michelle had her biggest day online.... so far!!! 😁 . I couldn't wait to share this with you all!!! For her working online has been such an amazing journey. She's been able to travel around the world, pretty much choosing where she want to go and when she want to go. . She used to be a nurse full time... well she will always be a nurse at heart, but not because she has to, because she want to!! . She absolutely love everything she’s learning about this online world, she love all the people that She’s gotten the opportunity to meet, and the best thing's only going to keep getting better for her!! . For those of you that have been asking and wondering what it is I do online, click on the link in my bio freedom_alexp to learn more!! . Everyone has to start somewhere, and I must say, I'm so grateful that I started when I did!! Everyday is a new opportunity to figure out what path you want to choose in life. . Let today be the start to your new beginning!!

3 1 Dec 12, 2017

Most people would be surprised to know this but… well over 80% of content I consistently consume has nothing to do with business. Nope, not business podcasts, books on business or training courses. 😮 . . Two of my guilty pleasures? Crime podcasts and Hollywood memoirs on Audible. . . The funny thing about this? While most would think these are a "waste of time," they both secretly help me grow my business. . . From all the crime podcast, I can hear the way they tell a story, captivate an audience, promote their sponsors and interview guests. As a fellow podcast host, this gives me ideas of what’s being done outside of my own space instead of unintentionally duplicating what’s been done and is being done a hundred times over in the business space I can reinvent a different concept. . . It sparks my creativity in ways that I would have never had by only listening to those with the same skillsets as myself. ✨ . . From all the Hollywood memoirs I can see just how much their journey is parallel to the ones we go through as entrepreneurs, how they’ve had to make tough choices and flying leaps to get to “the top”, how they are using their influence to make a real difference. . . It reminds me that it never matters where you come from but where you’re going. ✨ . . The best part of it all? I genuinely like consuming both - which means it’s easy for me to do. . . Do you have any of your own "secret weapons" that spark inspiration for you, outside of your business? Let me hear them!

2 1 Dec 12, 2017

Fabulous Prelaunch today 😇✨ Happy I managed to get all 9 shades of these amazing Long wear Lip Liquids 💄💘 If you want to get one before Christmas you still have two days left to order so hurry. Want to become an ambassador?💁🏼‍♀️ Message me or follow the link in bio 🌍 . . . . . . #millennials #BeachMoney #ExtraIncome #PowerWoman #WifiWealth #SocialMediaStrategy #lipstickaddict #SocialMediaCoach #Ambassadors #Bulgarian #ExtraCash #UkInfluencer #BeautyBuys

15 3 Dec 12, 2017

Time is NOW 🕛

21 10 Dec 12, 2017

KEEP GOING! Don't pursue your goals only half way. Keep going until you're so far past your goals, you don't know what happened. Where you are now is not the end point. KEEP GOING! __ #comethisfar #justkeepgoing #dontstophalfway

12 3 Dec 12, 2017

How epic is this view of #Alhambra #Castle in #Granada #Spain while the sun is setting over the city? 🙌🏼✨❤️ This was an amazing experience. I am extremely grateful to have the freedom to travel. Travelling is one of my biggest passions and I can not even imagine a life without it. When you look back on your life one day, are you going to be happy with how you lived? Are you going to look back and love the live you lived? Are you going to be able to say you did everything you wanted? Are you going to feel fulfilled? Life is meant to be lived full of passion! We are here to create lives we want to live. Don't ever forget that... do what makes you happy and follow your bliss! ✨❣️✨❣️✨ #FollowYourBliss #Passion #Travel #TravelGram #CityView #Sunsets #LoveTravel #LiveFree #Freedompreneur #Entrepreneur #Traveller #GlobeTrotter #Motivation #Inspire #MondayVibes #MotivationMonday #DreamBig #TravelSpain #EuroTrip #Europe

5 1 Dec 12, 2017

17 4 Dec 12, 2017

Workout done!! . I’m so excited to tell you guys that we are doing a virtual launch party for 80 day Obsession! . Starting Wednesday the 13th we will be doing a group where you can learn all about the program, what to expect, how to prepare, a bit about the nutrition, see coach test group results and hear from me... about my experience with the program! Well give you all the details you need yo see if it’s right for you and we will be doing some fun prize giveaways! . Let me know if you want me to add you!! #80dayobsession #joansobsessed

16 1 Dec 12, 2017

Be a cupcake.

17 1 Dec 12, 2017

🤘 Work At Home & Earn $69.00 PER Hour? 🤝 NO Recruiting, NO Surveys, NO Reviewing Products, NO Ecommerce, NO Scam, Great Pay!!! . Simply send me a DM on my personal Instagram Account (just search for username atmcashroll) and type "Biz" and I'll DM the details over to you right away!

13 1 Dec 12, 2017

I’m going to hurt somebody’s feelings with this one, but the truth hurts. - If you want to succeed, you can not focus on other people’s opinion of you regardless where you start, just start. 💡

148 4 Dec 12, 2017

The real reason I became a photographer! 🙊 It’s seriously down to flow rather than intention but I really quite like it! 😅 I used to be an artist in the traditional sense, where I’d paint and draw and I literally had no idea how that could translate into a stable career at the time. 😎 So I took a year out and traveled a lap around the world then came home randomly picking that I had decided to be a film director. Literally randomly, I’m not even sure of my motivation! 📽 I went to University, because that’s what people from my school did next, and made some friends in the enrolment queue, that were studying photography at part of the same course. 🤖 My choice to be a director was so lacking in purpose that I easily made the switch to study photography just so I could stay with my new friends! 📷 And that was the story! 📸 I casually signed up to study three years of something I knew nothing about. 🔮 That to me in is higher guidance. 📿 What followed after that always felt quite effortless. Don’t get me wrong, building a business in photography is hard, but DOING photography from that day on always felt completely natural to me. 🎥 And there hasn’t been a single day that I ever looked back and wished I had tried to be a film director! The idea is so funny to me now, I don’t even really like shooting moving image! . . . . . . . . . #lifestylecoach #shineyourlight #mompreneur #girlboss #freedompreneur #onlineentrepreneur #laptoplifestyle #businesscoach #personalbranding #digitalnomads #entrepreneurs #brandingshoot #takingontheworld #bossbabe #youcreateyourreality #manifest #foodstylist #recipewriter #foodwriter #entrepreneur #healthcoach #business #portraits #freedomandflow #brand #lifecoach #yoga #coach #cocreate #visualcommunication

76 7 Dec 12, 2017

Follow freedomuvment freedomuvment freedomuvment

37 7 Dec 11, 2017

An at-home-day with my kids today, due to the snow. Isn’t it beautiful?! 😍

26 2 Dec 11, 2017

Dear Monday || lets do this || especially if “this” means “all the coffee, by the fire” ☕️

34 1 Dec 11, 2017
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