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Ugly but it's lunch today. Half of a Joseph's pita with curry chicken salad I made with leftover rotisserie chicken. I just add a shitton of curry powder to mayo till it tastes like curry then I add like a teaspoonish of tumeric just for color really and that's literally it I just mix in the chicken lmao. And it's soooo good 😊 #keto #lchf #lunch #ketogenic #ketodiet #diet2017 #foodporn #pita #josephspita #7weeksdown #forevertogo #changeoflifestyle #newlifestyle #ketolifestyle #ketoforlife

1 0 Sep 26, 2017

I will speak of his glory, I will show forth his beauty. If I dance it won't be enough and if I shout, it won't be enough. The heavens speak of his glory, and the earth of his beauty. His love is new every morning and his faithfulness is ever sure. He is a great and mighty king 👑 He rules in every nation. On Christ the solid rock, he is worthy to be praised. Thanks to joe praiz for helping me express the way I feel today with his powerful lyrics of praise🙏 See eehn my God doesn't eat burger 🍔 he doesn't drink champagne, he doesn't eat eforiro , doesn't eat plantain and ofadaboy rice (my fav🙈) you know that red velvet cup cake and ice cream you like? he doesn't eat it either😂He just doesn't eat the kind of food we eat . All he eats is PRAISE!!! Praise him now and see if that problem that has been causing you sleepless nights won't solve itself. (That's my little way of bribing God to cater for all my needs and my numerous extravagant wants🙈) guess what ? It works . It works faster than dry fasting and screaming "catch fire and die by fire " thank me later😝 Happy one month wedding anniversary obim❤️ the_zpecial_1 One month down, forever to go😍🙈 #chizirim2017 #timecanfly #tbt #dontgiveuponGod #forevertogo #dontbeashamedtotalkaboutjesus #onemonthweddinganniversary #lovewins #Godsveryown #jesusbaby #omalicha #Godcustomizedmyfairytale

117 2 Sep 26, 2017

We adopted the world's most ridiculous dog, managed to buy our first house after months of homelessness, had a surprising amount of career changes, and still really, really love each other. I don't know what to expect in year 3, but I'm confident it will be filled with jingles, cookies, laughter, and a bunch of plot twists we won't see coming but will successfully handle. Happy anniversary, and thanks for being my partner, Ronaldo! 🙇🏽💙 . . . . #Samardztolz #Anniversary #Year2 #ForeverToGo #SappyHashtags #Love #CanadianAnniversary

11 0 Sep 26, 2017

Happy anniversary my love! 💕 I do not own rights to the music being played #8mospreggo #2yearsdown ☑️ #forevertogo 💍 #mce #blessed

8 0 Sep 26, 2017

My most precious love. It's been an entire year with you and I could not be happier with how everything turned out. You're my one and only baby. 1 down, forever to go. ❤ #forevertogo #oneyeardown #love

28 1 Sep 26, 2017

Happy Anniversary to this goofball! Thank you for always making me smile! I'm excited for all the adventures this next year is bringing ❤️ #happyanniversary #twoyearsdown #forevertogo

17 1 Sep 26, 2017

Reminiscing about this beautiful day 💕 Happy anniversary thomas3j 😘 #anotheronedown #forevertogo

28 2 Sep 26, 2017

After all these years, you still give me butterflies! #happyanniversary #twoyearsdown #forevertogo

18 1 Sep 26, 2017
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