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You wanna live a healthier life 😃eat smaller portions 😋I made a slamming lasagna for dinner 🍴 last night and I decided to have some before my nightly workout 🏃🏾‍♀️it was right on time and tasted even better today! The carbs and protein took me sailing through my 2 mile run/walk for over 30 minutes! #eatsmall #smallportions #eatyourselfslim #abetterme #consciousness #italiannight #5cheeselasagna #lasagna #carbs #dinner #yum #foodstories #nostruggleplates #icancook #mindfulnessessentials #healthyhabits #byebyefatme #killandrebuild #workout #fitness #lifestyle #goodhealth

22 0 Jan 22, 2018

Um fim de Domingo especial... viva um momento HYGGE #foodstories #grazingtable #grazingboard #friendstime #happysanday #sunsetparty #hyggemoments

30 0 Jan 22, 2018

Allergic to everything so made my own treats today, and have been craving chocolate like crazy! Vegan protein oatmeal cookies and kind bars. For the cookie, I used equal parts vegan protein powder, oats and applesauce with some chocolate chips. For the kind bar, I used equal parts cranberries and almonds, sprinkled with chocolate chips and used brown rice syrup to bind. They both hung out in the oven for 12 mins on 350 F. 🍪 #veganrecipes #veganmuscle #allergies #baking #foodstories

9 0 Jan 22, 2018

Had a great day shooting the brand spot for the new 9thslicepizza! Can’t wait for the debut. #client #9thSlicePizza

27 2 Jan 22, 2018

It’s a very French toast kinda day 🤤 Credit: palateconnect Tag a brunch lover 😍👍🏼

76 1 Jan 22, 2018

Only the cheesiest eggplant parm we ever did see 🙌 (Lookin' good, cy_eats!)

60 2 Jan 22, 2018

Crispy Falafal ~Not only are they tasty, they are fun to make!🙌 ... Tag someone you want to make falafal with. And while you're at it: plan a date! The recipe will be up online 🔜 ! ... #falafal #primalbeings #foodstories #sharingiscaring

6 4 Jan 22, 2018

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT :: Itching to make the most exquisite cookies that will be sold at a local business here in the South Bay. Spent time perfecting these gluten free & vegan gems. Homemade crunchy peanut butter meets enjoylifefoods chocolate chips. These become over the top by dipping them in a peanut butter icing and then sprinkling with more chocolate chips. Indulgent but still free of refined sugars, all animal products and gluten. A treat for the ages. Would love your help deciding what other treats to bake. Cookies, cupcakes, bars or something else!? What vegan baked goodies would excite you to see for sale at your local cafe?! Let me know in the comments below. Happy Sunday darlings. ✨

72 7 Jan 22, 2018

Rate 1 to 10❤ _______________________________________ ✅ Follow us for more delicious food! ✅ _______________________________________ 👉🏻 Shoutout via DM 👈🏻 _______________________________________ 🖇 Credit: deliciouslyella _______________________________________ • • • • •

151 4 Jan 22, 2018

Nigella Seeds, also known as black cumin, have a delicious nutty, onion-like flavor and are traditionally used in Indian cuisines to top flat breads and vegetable dishes. They resemble black sesame seeds and can be used similarly but have a more interesting, edgy shape. The health benefits of these seeds are seemingly endless: anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, enhances memory, helps digestion, anti-cancer, reduces the frequency of seizures in epilepsy patients, protects against heart attack damage, and many, many more. Toss some on your next homemade dish for color, texture, flavor, and nourishment.

49 1 Jan 21, 2018
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