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1 1 Oct 21, 2017

Time is non-refundable ... spend it wisely. Vocation, play, education, praise, love, forgive, laughter & peace

1 1 Oct 21, 2017

I won't belittle you ... because I don't have to since you do it to yourself 😂😂. Here's to my most consistent stalker. Oh and her friends. Hi girls!! Love all these chicks and their attention. I'm glad one of you is being real with me and turning on them, shows exactly what kind of girls you are. No loyalty for anything apparently. #foodforthought #you #dumbasseseverywhere #youandyou #formystalkers #lovethem #lovemyhaters #lovethyenemy #letsbefriends #justkidding #stupidbitches

2 0 Oct 21, 2017

RepostBy merciful.melanin: "A 2-year-old boy who is in need of a #kidney donation has found a 100 percent match, the problem? Red tape. His mother says the boy was born without kidneys and his father is a 100 percent match but due to legal troubles, the transplant is being held up indefinitely. #AnthonyDickerson says, “That’s all I ever wanted — was a son, and I finally got him, and he’s in this situation.” Anthony was scheduled to donate his left kidney to A.J. and mom Carmella Burgess was ecstatic. “Two steps closer to giving him a kidney and we got shut down, basically,” she recounted. #EmoryHospital sent a letter to the #GwinnettCountyJail that says, “Mr. Dickerson is currently in custody for a parole violation. If Mr. Dickerson could be escorted to Emory for blood work and a pre-operative appointment tomorrow, September 29, we will be able to continue with the scheduled #surgery.” Then, once he was released the hospital changed their tune. The boy’s family doesn’t understand why Dickerson’s legal woes would stop the process, the father is healthy, clean and ready and willing to donate his kidney. Dickerson doesn’t want to see his son’s chance at a normal life disappear because of the choices he made. A.J. had a #stroke two months ago and now requires constant care. He has a willing donor with a 100 percent match and he is being forced to wait and suffer. The family is left with one option now and that’s to get on the kidney #transplant wait list but that could leave them with a long wait that A.J. might not be able to afford. #Melanin #problack #blackessence #embracebeauty #blackmagic #blackgirlsrock #blackboyjoy #blackwomenrock #blackmenrock #rbg #foodforthought" (via #InstaRepost EasyRepost)

8 0 Oct 21, 2017

Yaaas🙌 Don't forget to remember yourself and your well-being in this busy world we live in 💁 #foodforthought

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4 1 Oct 21, 2017

#TheseAreMyPeeps #ColoradoFresh

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It all starts with you. Your Choice. Your commitment. Your change is all you. Don’t be a victim of your adversities, learn to propel yourself into a life of success and abundance by applying yourself every-step of the way. Now that you got the ball rolling, keep it in motion. Evolve. #pokemon #motivationalquotes #qoutes #love #selflove #inspire #forex #life #entrepreneur

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