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Oggi è sabato e se non si fa qualcosa di bello sfizioso che Sabato è ?😋😋😋 stiamo preparando una bella pietanza per tutti voi! #food #foodblogger #foodblog #foodlover #ciboitaliano #sorpresa #lavoriamopervoi #foodphotography #foodporn #foodpics

1 0 Feb 24, 2018

#ShopLocalSaturday Anyone else pine-ing🍍for the return of summer? This 60 degree February day has us reaching for a cold yachtclubsoda! 🌞 • • 📸: eatshootlove

9 1 Feb 24, 2018

So one of the reasons I LOVE eatbanza pasta (aside from the fact that they have an amazing ambassador program for registered dietitians) is that their pasta is freaking delicious. This dish is so simple: cook the pasta for 8 to 10 minutes. While that's going on, whip up a super simple plant-based pesto (basil, nutritional yeast, walnuts, lemon, salt, pepper). Dump on top. Arrange the food so you can snap a pic for the 'gram. And voila!! Noms!! (side note: I have a crap ton of coupons if you want to try them out. Holler and I'll send em to you. If you're a regular in my life, tell me to bring em next time we hang). THANKS FOR PROVIDING SUCH AN AMAZING PRODUCT, eatbanza. Gluten free. Vegan. Photogenic. Like a Victoria Secret model before the big show.

25 1 Feb 24, 2018

¬ Opportunity dances with those already on the dancefloor 🎉 Jeudi, j'ai appris une superbe nouvelle pour l'avenir du blog... Dans moins d'un mois, je m'envole dix jours pour la Thaïlande dans le cadre d'un magnifique projet dont j'ai super hâte de vous parler!! ✈️ Par ce post, je vous dis un grand merci car c'est grâce à vous qu'une aussi elle opportunité s'offre à moi! 😍 Du contenu de dingue va arriver et j'ai si hâte de vous emmener avec moi dans cette folle aventure!!! 💥

9 1 Feb 24, 2018

I've tried to make this... It was pretty hard... It deflated pretty quick... I wasnt sure if it was the butter I put inside .. but yes my favorite one is the coconut kaya. I think it's what it was called. It's very similar to the Malaysian coconut spread 🤤🤤🤤. . . . . #papparoti #robsonstreet #yummy #instapic #delicious #fresh #foodie #buzzfeedfood #thefeedfeed #huffposttaste #foodporn #droolclub #foodadventures #yvrfood #goodeats #igfood #foodstagram #foodbloggers #nomnom #instayum #eatfamous #foodblog #hungry #eatwithdalpenge #yvrfoodblogger #instagood

2 0 Feb 24, 2018

Brownies 🤗 Ich habe es getan 😊 Gebacken - einfach so - für uns - ein geniales Rezept - nicht diättauglich - und sooooo lecker! Heißhunger auf Schokolade? Nach einem (oder 2) Stück davon nicht mehr 😁 Wer mich noch nicht so gut kennt: Backen und Kochen - GUTES Essen! - war schon immer meine Leidenschaft. Ich liebe amerikanische Leckereien und Backrezepte dafür. Gute Zutaten und absoluten Genuss. Hach! 🍫🍩 Für mich wird es Zeit, langsam dahin zurückzukehren. In Maßen. Mit Bewusstsein für den Gehalt solcher Leckereien. Mit Hin- statt Weggucken. Wollt ihr davon ab und zu was sehen bzw lesen? Oder lieber nicht? Wollt ihr lesen wie und ob ich es schaffe, ab und zu solche Dinge in meinen Weg einzubauen? Schreibt mir gerne in den Kommentaren, wie ihr darüber denkt 💗 Das Rezept für diese grandiosen Brownies findet ihr übrigens wenn ihr "Martha Stewart Perfect Brownies" googelt. Für mich sind sie wirklich perfekt 😍👌 Ich habe 20 Stück rausbekommen. 355 kcal hat eines 😉 Schönen Samstag Euch 🙌💕

9 1 Feb 24, 2018

Con questi requisiti tutto Arriva... #ristorantiitaliani #ristorazione #ristorantedasogno

5 1 Feb 24, 2018

Dinner at work today is the best subway salad 🙊😻 chicken tikka 💗 I worked this out at around 374 calories or something on their website but I did get double chicken so it will be more 🤷🏼‍♀️ but only had porridge today and a go ahead bar, tea will probably be an omelette unless I find anything else as I haven’t taken anything out 🙄🤯• #weightlossjourney #slimming #foodblog #subway

1 0 Feb 24, 2018

I just made this Banana bread for a little freezer stash. Thought I’d share as it’s bloody lovely to be perfectly honest! . . Mash 2 large very ripe bananas in a bowl. Add 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil, around 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, 2 tablespoons of ground almonds, 1 & a half cups of flour (or self raising and less baking powder), 2-3 teaspoons of baking powder, & a tablespoon of maple syrup. Mix together well & pour into a lined loaf tin. Add more cinnamon/ground almonds & sliced banana on top of you wish. Bake on 200 for around 20 minutes. Cover with foil & bake for another 5-10. You can add whatever you’d like - raisins, dried fruit etc. . . This isn’t something I’d give Luna often due to the oil & syrup but she doesn’t eat much of these kinds of things, & a thin slice of the whole thing as an occasional treat is fine by me!

14 1 Feb 24, 2018
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