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Mixtape "Fire" dropping November #design #font #music #travel #style #art #fire #hot #creative #love

9 0 Jul 27, 2017

"Sow them, and grow them, And only them; Positive thoughts!" For #sunshinethrujuly with theprintedpie and xkimcreatesx ♥️. As part of the challenge #sunshinethrujuly for this Friday I am supposed to tag the person who made me finally give lettering a go! (And I'm gonna do that a little earlier now). And that person for me would most definitely be Amanda amandaarneill . When I found calligraphy and lettering, I followed a lot of famous letterers. I followed, liked, aahhed and oohhed at their work for a long time. But after I found Amanda's account, it was exactly what drove me to put my pen down to paper. Thank you Amanda for that! And I also had the amazing opportunity of being her student. And that's one of the highlights of my lettering journey. She is a most sweet, funny and amazing person and a kick-ass teacher! Apart from all the self-learning in lettering, she was the only person whose course I've ever attended. I can just keep praising Amanda forever, she is that damn awesome at what she does! And Amanda, you will always be my inspiration, guru and role model. And one of Amanda's recent works inspired the embellishments on this work of mine ♥️. * #letteringchallenge #letteringchallenges #letteringcommunity #calligracommunity #communityovercompetition #calligrafia

13 1 Jul 27, 2017

❤️~Just ONE word~ Just ONE feeling~ engelnatur

5 2 Jul 27, 2017

Went to the Ringling Museum in Florida 2 weeks ago and got to see all these old circus posters. Loving all the typography and color. 🤡🤹🏻‍♀️🎪

14 1 Jul 27, 2017
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