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4 2 Sep 25, 2017

Non permettere alle tue ferite di trasformarti in quello che non sei. P. C. #staytrue #beyourself #bemorehuman #growing #siitestesso #ink #tattoo #followyourheart #heart #cuoreanatomico #tatuaggio

5 1 Sep 25, 2017

Born & raised in this very apartment , I remember everything.... #fyh #fyhprince #fyhdesigner #followyourheart #Model #Philly #Newyork #Newyorkcity #ATL #Newjersey #Atlanta #wisconsin #Florida #Miami #Hollywood

5 0 Sep 25, 2017

Norwegia jest niesamowita - masz ochotę spać na szczycie? No problem, weź 15 kilogramowy plecak z całym potrzebnym majdanem na szlak, wędruj z nim pol dnia ... i rozbij się na szczycie :) może przecierpisz swoje budząc się skostniałym z zimna, bo na górze panuje przymrozek, ale za to otrzymasz w nagrodę przepiękny, zapierający dech widok z namiotu ... to balsam dla duszy. Niczego się nie obawiaj, idz przed siebie, pracuj nad soba, bądź najlepsza wersja siebie! No i przede wszystkim spełniaj marzenia! Bądź szczęśliwym człowiekiem! Ja już zaczelam :) #ourtent #ontherocks #happy #beautifulworld #beautifulview #motivation #followyourheart #onthetrail #journey #scandinavia #naturelovers #wgorachjestwszystkocokocham 😍

4 0 Sep 25, 2017

Brands I heart cookforsyria . This lovely cinnamon pavlova with praline cream and figs looks delicious and am sure tastes divine. Recipe by ottolenghi & helen_goh_bakes . The recipe is featured in the #CookForSyria book where all profits are donated to UNICEF's children of Syria fund. An initiative founded by  ClerkenwellBoyEC1  SerenaGuen &  NextGenLondon

3 1 Sep 25, 2017

From my experience, I've learned that there's no clear answers on how to live a happy-fulfilled life from outside sources. There are so many self help books, podcasts, shows & documentaries, consultations, etc, but none will be pinpointed to perfectly help YOU. Some will say to seek success, others say to value simplicity. Some will teach you how to say no, others will say to just do it. Some say that helping others is the key to happiness, others say nuture your own soul first. In the past, I've read one book that made me feel motivated to work hard everyday to achieve the most successful bad ass life and then a week later I read another that encouraged me to be a minimalist and practice Taoism. I was indecisive about everything because I wasn't seeking answers from within. I just recently truuuly realized that someone else's bliss is not going to lead me on my own path to happiness. I need to carve that path out on my own. Just realizing that makes me happy (must mean that I'm on the right path 😉) #beyou #betrue

17 6 Sep 25, 2017

Treated myself to some things from littleshopofvegans today (I ate the cleo's bar already ooops) 🌱✨ #whatveganseat #veganuk #plantbased #herbivore #veganpizza #vegobar #followyourheart #veganmayo #littleshopofvegans

10 0 Sep 25, 2017

// silly soap bubbles again. blue sky with cotton candy. or maybe it's wadding... ☁ ©「 D 」| #decadance #decadanceart #followyourheART #silly #sillysoapbubbles #bubbles #soapbubbles #sky #bluesky #playing #iridescent #float #light #blue #white #cloudy #clouds #cottoncandy #wadding #pop #poppingbubbles

8 0 Sep 25, 2017

What an honor to perform for the high school students today at georgeschool in newtownpa ! It was a gift to share #music with these sweet souls. #SayYesToGS High school was such a pivotal moment in my life so I enjoyed sharing time with these beautiful students. Thanks to the #georgeschool I am also now inspired to do a video series on my YouTube channel (/christieleneemusic) with various talks on following an artistic path. What a day and the energy is flowing!!! So much love ☺️🙏❤️ . #followyourdreams #followyourheart #followyourbliss #followyourpassion #highschoolperformance #guitar #musician #masterclass #liveperformance 🎸🎶☺️ 📷: christielenee

12 1 Sep 25, 2017

What are your thoughts about the process of deserving? Do you feel ‘deserving enough’ to have the good things in your life? Do you feel deserving of great experiences in your life? Great people? It is quite the word, hey: DESERVING. We often believe that in order to have something that we need and want, first we need to deserve it, earn it and have the stamp of approval in order to allow the good into life. It is such a strong word and so emotionally laden for many; on some level you might think: ‘I don’t deserve’ To be kind to myself; To have a rest, relax and switch off; To have fun; To allow abundance and a wealth of goodness into my life; To just be; To just be me! Many people have major blocks around feeling deserving of the good things in life and those blocks will then distort the OPPORTUNITIES that come along to increase your good. You might dismiss compliments and offerings – essentially rejecting them with the underlying and likely unspoken belief that you don’t deserve it. You might walk away from great experiences as you become triggered and then think this MEANS it is not right, you must not deserve for things to be this good. We spoke yesterday about how you might sabotage yourself and your own happiness in myriad and yet predictable ways – ‘here I go again on my own’ racing through your mind. MAJOR WALLS Essentially these are the walls that are up around your heart and mind that block the acceptance of the GOOD into your life: you just don’t see that ‘good’ fits anywhere as there is no framework for it within your internal architecture. Nothing to ‘hang’ it on, so it just slips out of your life again, back to the set-point that is known and familiar and then reinforcing that you are not deserving!! Follow the link through to our website to read the full blog! #followyourheart #listentoyourneeds #follow #love #kindness #feeldeservingofyourgood #allowthelifeyoudeserve

3 0 Sep 25, 2017

Do what makes you happy. #followyourheart #bebeautiful #rainbow #beyou

1 0 Sep 25, 2017
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