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📸 trendstepper | yeezy wave runner 300 x yeezy frozen yellow 350s

51 1 Nov 25, 2017

📸 jennizerr | kith x adidas consortium

32 1 Nov 25, 2017

2031 39 Nov 25, 2017

Taken now💕👅

290 7 Nov 25, 2017

♡. "Starrcade is upon us, everyone. The best of the best competing at the first event of the new season of Joker. I'm a very excited, are you? Well, let me tell you guys why I'm excited. This girl has a match for the Diva's title against Becky Lynch, Mandy Leon, and Maxine. Let me start off, as I usually do, by talking shit about my competition because that's what I do best. So, Mandy. When it comes to Mandy, I say it time and time again, she brings nothing to the table! Mandy is an embarrassment! She thinks that she's the best here and that the world and women's division revolves around her, when it really doesn't! Mandy talks a lot of crap, but can never back it up in the ring, since she is garbage. Seriously, everyone likes calling me crazy and insane, but I know I'm not going nuts when I say that Mandy sucks, because she does. She sucks on the mic, she sucks in the ring, and she loves to suck something else, but let's not go there. Comparing Mandy to the rest of the women in this match, including myself, is like a little girl who wants to sit at the grown up's table at a dinner party. Mandy, you really don't belong in this match, but I guess it's whatever. You aren't a challenge and you never will be. Next, we have Maxine. Oh, don't even get me started with this fool, ha ha! If you guys haven't seen already, Maxine wants to know why I'm being pushed Well, darling, the reason I am being pushed is because I am one of the best stars here. Joker was insanely lucky that they got a woman like me to be in their company, unlike you. Maxine, you are nothing more than a reject. Let's bring back your WWE past real quick. Maxine, you couldn't make it in the WWE since you are untalented and now, you are so desperate to find somewhere to go, you are nothing more than a jobber in this match, honey! Maxine, I have no idea why you're in this match, to be quite honest with you. You tapped out to Becky on Raw, and just because you try to talk some shit to me, you get inserted into this match? Bullshit! Maxine, you deserve nothing that you are getting. You are at the back of the line after this match, honey. You have no idea what kind of pain I will be bringing to your ass. ⬇

132 6 Nov 25, 2017

Итак, сегодня был очень продуктивный день на лекции и мастер-классы на фестивале социальных коммуникаций "Пора -2017". Безумно интересно было слушать Игоря Намаконова- управляющего партнера Most Creative Club. о том, что нужно быть собой, все в ваших руках .Спасибо за новые познания и главное, что всегда нужно верить в себя. #Россия #МойМир #Белгород #Москва #пора2017 #мероприятие #фестиваль #фото #новоефото #спикер #интересно #ярко #эмоции #позитивныйдень #событие #пятница #коммуникации #общение #блогер #журналист #веравсебя #улыбайтесь #фестивальпора #Russia #Belgorod #foto #followlike #follow4folow #blogger #smile

26 2 Nov 25, 2017

Lets see who has more fans 🤔

1008 176 Nov 25, 2017

❧ ┇” Feel The Bliss.” ────────────────────│If I had never met Trin ( trinityfatuwwe ), I don’t know what I’d do . She’s one of the only human beings that I care about in this world , other than myself . And and I’d never consider her a peasant . Trin is my best friend , we share the same fight , the same shine ─ Although , I do think that I have more of a glow than her ─ we’re both superiors. Anywho , allow me to get out of your hairs , just wanted to acknowledge the only other goddess ─ If having another goddess is possible.

52 5 Nov 24, 2017
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