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Sorry for the lack of posting today my faithful and beautiful #jewshitzucrew I recorded so many new videos I jammed the phone up, so thats mostly good news!!!!! As the #ageshow2017 is bubbling to a climactic simmer I figured Id show off a marathon of my work, well if you can call it work, its clearly performance art and just comes naturally to me!!!!! So Im going to leave this up all morning for my friend 1985nintendo who has performed my favorite rendition of #bigsur by #buckethead that Ive heard from anyone including the creator himself!!!!! I wish I started rocking out earlier because thats how I feel hearing this jam the whole time!!!! Go show the homie G some love on his page!!!! Light it up like a Christmas tree on fire in a fireworks factory!!!! This is one of my favorite voices for sure, #djkeepmesleepy main host of #1055thehigh , sucking on the #jargon of a #bffglass #lazyassmouthbreather by bffglass with a haroldludemanglass heavily mibed slide!!! Forking love the mouthbreathers, I highly recommend an #acideater to anyone!!! So anyway just a few more non Kaleb Folck videos to share from before I was aware of the competition and one or two I snuck in as like commercial breaks, you will see, so again enjoy this jammin tune from 1985nintendo and as always thank you for tuning into #jewshitzutv !!!!!! I have a busy early day tomorrow but when I return Im going to post a minimum of 6 videos!!!!! And one in the mid afternoon before the evening marathon to start things off!!!!!!! I will answer all the comments throughout the day tomorrow, im gonna dig deep down too!!!!! Love all yall!!!! #radio #radiohost #dj #weedjokes #weedhumor #weedcomedy #haroldludemanglass #bongrips #doyouevendabbro #somedayillbeslabbin #slowloudandbangin #greatguitar #jamsession #tomorrow #spamsession #bongbeauties thanks again matchboxpa for the hookup on the #knuckledragger and kravinglass for hooking me up with the slide on some real G shit!!!!! #beards #mustachecomingsoon


Hello I am Rashaan Ahman Rashaad Ahmad, and I am always happy for the love I have in my heart and in my belly, no matter what is happening and often the worse it gets the more love I have, taking a break from the Kaleb Folck giveaway for just a couple posts to give people a chance to catch up!!! On a very serious note, the love I have received from all of you has given me more energy and a thrilling happiness to wake up in the morning knowing I get to make you laugh again, its really special to me, I want you to know I love you all and hope that I can brighten your day with a couple of chuckles!!!! On a more serious note if you know anyone who needs a wyomingmofo #miniangler besides the guy with the broken bluegrass #iknowmikeapollo but aint nothings funny bout that, please hit me up or tell them to get a hold of me!!!!! Anyway hopefully youve enjoyed this installment of #jewshitzutv and we will be ramping back into full gear now after the slow last two days!!!! Of course as with all characters Rashaan will be intertwined with others dont worry bout dat!!!! Still planning to get all the giveaway stuff out tomorrow so look for tracking in your messages!!! Beautiful acid eating, lazy ass, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging nosy jerk by bffglass with a dose of Ancient Alien NYC OG diesel berry kush haze through the haroldludemanglass slide of fine quality craftsmanship, performance and style, wearing the pho_sco space artifact pendant which is like a galaxy condensed into a palmful of robot precise jewelry, and wearing my new Tie Dye shirt, which fits like a dream and is even more beautiful in person, as you can see Im happy to sport handmade items of all sorts but most happy to finally get an item of clothing to recognize someones effort in brightening up the wardrobe of the globe!!!! #tiedye #cosmos420 #lol #positiveaffirmations #stuartsmalley #jewshitzucrew #bubblevest #headwrap #bffglass #lazyassmouthbreather #haroldludemanglass #phosco #potiongarden #weedhumor #weedcomedy #comedy #sketchcomedy #comedian #behappy #love #smokeweedeveryday #bongbeauties #bongrips #glasscollector #headyglass

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