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I may not have abs right now but I don't care; I am so in love with myself today and proud of the body I have made so far. A little self-love reminder for all those out there struggling today - you are all beautiful and loved and capable of anything. Happy Monday friends 💕

1 1 Sep 26, 2017

Just a quick front double bicep

9 1 Sep 26, 2017

🔸 Want sculpted 3D Delts? Want to be one of the first people to train shoulders with me? I am giving away 5 Pre-Release copies of my first Training EBook, 'DELTICIDE'! The first in my body part series. The EBook includes: 🔸 6 WEEKS worth of Shoulder Training 🔸 Shoulder Ed. & Injury Prevention in collaboration with the Fight Physio. 🔸 Nutrition & Supplementation Protocol 🔸 Tips and Tricks I personally use to get the most out of my body! To enter you need to: ✔ Follow thethaigress ✔ Use Tag #Delticide2017 on a pic showing off your Delts! ✔ LOVE TRAINING! 💻 All Winners will be notified via IG! SHOW ME YOUR DELTS! #transformationtuesday

13 1 Sep 26, 2017

Instagram is a highlight reel and we need to constantly remember that. On the left a posed, flexed picture you'd probably normally see on Instagram. On the right a picture of me bloated, not feeling my best. Bloating happens all the time and we won't always look and feel our best. Nor should we because we're humans and we are not meant to be perfect. Perfection is boring, and "Instagram worthy" pictures aren't reality. Im still the same me in both pictures. I'm still strong as hell and the fact that I'm bloated in a picture doesn't take away from me taking 12 classes/workouts last week. Instagram may be a highlight reel and it may not always show the not so glamorous moments but they exist for everyone. And no matter what, that doesn't take away from what makes you, you. You are all beautiful, strong, amazing and incredible regardless. Always remember that.

5 1 Sep 26, 2017

Never neglect Ab work! And don't forget to join us for Ab dash every Monday & Wednesday @ 6pm! Surround yourself with those that motivate you! #anytimefitnessbeachblvd #gotabs #corework #groupfitness #abdash #trainhard #fitnessgoals #exercisecanbefun

0 0 Sep 26, 2017

Life has been frustrating (when is it not). Between watching health, lifting, politics and Instagram shutting us down. We can’t really reach out, support and talk to people. All we can do is keep working, put our heads up and work hard! • • • #fit #fitfam #fitnessgoals #fitnessjourney #fitnessmodel #bicep #armday #guyswholift #bored #latenight #fitnessbody

0 0 Sep 26, 2017
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