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Eu acho que eu estava meio tristinha nessa corrida 😐😂 #tb #running #circuitovenus

7 1 Oct 18, 2017

I F you are in Byron today jump down to myowngym_byron_bay for my Women’s Only Circuit class tonight at 5:30pm! 💕💪🏾✨ We will be sweating it out tonight babes, I can’t wait!! 😝✨🍑 FREE for first time locals + MOG members and $20 for a casual visit 😘💕

11 2 Oct 18, 2017

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101 10 Oct 18, 2017

Check out my profile url. I am giving away a free of charge guide on the 10 fat truths nobody is telling you..

14 3 Oct 18, 2017

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64 3 Oct 18, 2017

Had a great arm workout today with ryan_mcmannis . The beginning of the workout we focused on proper movement and transitioned to heavier weights at the end. I typically train with myself, which I enjoy, but I feel training with another person allows me to push myself way beyond what I normally do and that’s where the gains are made. #fitnessgear #fitnesslife #fitnessday #fitnessguru #fitnessquote #fitnessjunkie #fitnessaddicted #fitnesstime #fitnessclub #fitnessmotivation #fitnessfam #fitnessmodels #fitnessstudio #fitnessjourney #fitnessmen #fitnesscoach #fitnessgoal #fitnessfriday #fitnesstrainer #fitnessfashion #fitness #fitnessfood #fitnesswear #fitnessfreaks

21 4 Oct 18, 2017

This one has us giggling 😜. But if you're not doing it for your health, do it for the looks 😉 • Our 30 Day Flex & Flow will have you all camera ready 😏👌🏼

8 1 Oct 18, 2017

👈 Do you want flat abs fast? Click our bio now! Tag your workout buddy! 🙋 Double tap please 😀 God bless!

23 5 Oct 18, 2017

3DA mascot repping the softest shirt on earth! Gonna be chilly tonight.

48 2 Oct 18, 2017

Do you crave junk food? Tap on the link in my bio for a free report that shows you how to quit the cravings for good.!!

53 3 Oct 18, 2017

💸 💰

23 2 Oct 18, 2017
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