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Will do Wonder Woman workouts when I get home but for now here's my cardio and #sweatyselfie for the day. Can I go back to sleep now? #fitgirlintersession #fitgirls #fitgirlsguide #fitgirl #wearefitgirls #28dayjumpstart

3 0 Sep 20, 2017

It all starts with one concept •healthy living• I've been getting 7-8 hours of sleep, taking it one meal at a time, reminding myself to drink tons of water, make healthier choices, and last but not least getting up to workout even when I don't want too. It's been 30 days into my #bbgchallenge and I've already noticed a slimmer face and slightly smaller crease within my stomach. It's never easy for me but I am so thankful I take it one day at a time and keep a positive attitude💕🎉💦🌈✨ #kaylaitsinesbbgchallenge #bbgprogress #ncfitgirls #fitgirlsguide #30daychallenge

0 0 Sep 20, 2017

HOME and HAPPY! 🌸🏵💕 #28dayjumpstart #fitgirlsguide sending so much love to all my girls fitgirln_stacysway fitgirltdb1222 fitgirl_honeytee fitgirl_syndrlla fitgirl_mindfulmama

3 0 Sep 20, 2017

Вот проверяю как выполнили мой заказ по утеплению полов пока ничего,посмотрим ,что будет зимой #health #fitness #fitchick #fitnessfood #getfit #fit #fitgirlsguide #fitnessmodel #workout #training #gym #motivation #healthychoices #healthy #tagsagram4tags #healthyeating #healthyfellows #fitnessaddict #bodybuilding #exercise #diet #muscles #photooftheday #yoga #inspiration #взаимныелайки #healthylifestyle

9 0 Sep 20, 2017

a beautiful bowl of burnt garlic #ramen from ramen.nagomi in #newbrunswick. some of the best ramen I've had. Dare I say on par or maybe even better than ani ramen in montclair ? #japanesefood #noodles #njeats

7 1 Sep 20, 2017

Last night I knew I felt some newly formed positive habits start to slip 😉 I sat there with a long to-do list staring back at me, and all I could think was "I don't want to do ANY of this 🙄🙄" An old Jacki... she would have pushed the list for the next day, convincing herself she'd tackle it tomorrow knowing all too well tomorrow likely was gonna have the same "I'll do it tomorrow" effect 😉 #groundhogsdayEW But these days, I know better 💁🏼 But it's also not as simple as just "turning it on" 😉😉 I reminded myself that motivation is inspired by action, and not the other way around 👊🏻 I also reminded myself that some bad habits that I created through my entire life, aren't gonna be so easy to break 😉 So NO, I'm not a failure when these NEW habits I'm implemting start to slip 👊🏻 And then I remind myself that the feel-goods often come after actionable items that don't seem so good at the time 😉 Meaning, sitting on the couch feels better at the time than getting my ass kicked, but taking action and working out always feels better in the long run 😉👊🏻 and leaves me feeling pumped up for the next day, knowing my results are one step closer 💪🏻 Or shoving my to-do list to the side for some Netflix marathons wth Andy always sounds much more enjoyable, but taking action leaves me feeling satisfied, successful, and proud 💓🙌🏻 and definitely leaves me inspired and wanting more 🤗 So I prioritized my list with the things I was gonna get done that night, and I have myself the grace to push some things to today 💓 And today, I set myself up for success with a routine I KNOW leaves me feeling good 👊🏻 I set the alarm early 😊 I woke up and committed to a reset routine of meditation, journaling, game planning, and a workout 💓 And I am celebrating the each and every act of getting it done 🔥 Remeber, it's OK to find yourself slipping backwards every now and then 😉 That brand new you that you started working on... she's going to take a LONG TIME of life long work to continue improving, and you're gonna find days when old you creeps in and says heyyyyy, member me? Member how nice I use to feel when I gave you permission to not take action

2 2 Sep 20, 2017

❤🇧🇧 #28dayjumpstart #fitgirlsguide

3 0 Sep 20, 2017

That one time I went to the beach and forgot about how much weight I gained in the last year! #selflove #trustthejourney #28dayjumpstart #fitgirlsguide

5 0 Sep 20, 2017

Happiness is hair down and care free! #28dayjumpstart #fitgirlsguide

4 0 Sep 20, 2017

On Wednesdays we...... have job interviews! 👌 Wish me luck! #fitgirlintersession #onwednesdayswewearpink #fitgirlsguide #humpday #jobinterviewoutfit #ootd

2 0 Sep 20, 2017
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