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twistthevideo coming at you in 2 days #first48 Sw bs lip in Calgary, stay tuned for more leaks before it drops 🎥 salomonsnowboards howl quiksilver ashburyeyewear beaverwax remindinsoles shredzshop

49 2 Sep 26, 2017

Today's Scum of the Earth Award goes to this shitbag in Springhill,TX. He lured a 23 y/o young woman to his house. He set her up to be gunned down by his friend with an AR15 inside her car. Then this here p.o.s. burned her car w/her in it. And he just gets PROBATION??!!! WTF, America??!! Yet they'll lock up someone for their own medicinal marijuana for 5-10 yrs. What's wrong with our In- #JusticeSystem?! Fucked up. 🏛 • • #nojustice #coldblooded #justicesystem #America #homeofthefree #first48 #dallas

6 0 Sep 26, 2017
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