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⏳ "One minute I held the key Next the walls were closed on me And I discovered that my castles stand Upon pillars of salt And pillars of sand" ~ I used to rule the world I'm so into these tumblr Azula thingies they're just so great ✨ - #avatar #atla #avatarthelastairbender #avatarthelegendofaang #thelegendofaang #azula #princessazula #fireprincessazula #fireprincess #princessazulaofthefirenation #azulaofthefirenation #firenation #firebender #firebenders #sokka #thedayofblacksun #mai #tylee #theboilingrock #iusedtoruletheworld

176 0 Dec 14, 2017

Day 14: fav atla character Well what d' ya think?? Azula of course. - HAHAH you cant spell 'manslaughter' without 'laughter' 😆😈 oh Azula how can you not love her more than anything - #avatar #atla #avatarthelastairbender #avatarthelegendofaang #thelegendofaang #azula #princessazula #fireprincessazula #fireprincess #princessazulaofthefirenation #azulaofthefirenation #firenation #firebender #firebenders #zuko #beachvolleyball #thebeach #chan #mai #tylee #ozaisangels #thefaceofevil #bluedemon #firebendingprodigy #manslaughter #azulasdecemberchallenge #azuladecemberchallenge - P. S. This wasn't meant to be a post for #azulasdecemberchallenge at first but I posted it and then I realized that I had to put up one more post for the challenge and THEN I realized that my answer for this day is 'Azula' as well so yeah... Not a necessary information just had an urge to write it down lmao

236 3 Dec 14, 2017

One hundred percent true

127 8 Dec 14, 2017

"These are dual swords. Two halves of the same weapon. Don't think of them as separate, because they're not. They're just two different parts of the same whole." - Zuko (ep. Zuko Alone) Here ya all a bit of Zucest hope you don't mind. I kind of like to compare Zuko and Azula to dual swords - tho I never even thought about it before I saw this, the comparation is really cool. And not to mention how wise Zuko actually was in this episode. Considering how thoughtless and featherbrained he usually was by then, he offered quite some words of wisdom here to Lee and had a pretty nice speech and strategy against those soldier-bullies who wanted to take Lee away by telling them - actually pretty cleverly - what everyone else was so afraid to say all that time and at the end he showed us he never forgot who he was. This episode had a huge part in developing Zuko's character and starting for him to change to better. Btw obviously my phone's inability to post has vanished (as I said in my story it would) so no worries I'm gonna post again tomorrow. Also I can see that the pics here☝ aren't all the same quality but this isn't mine therefore I'm not the one to apologize for that tho XD anyway I thought it was cool so I posted it anyway despite the uneven quality of the pics (I could have made something like this somewhat different and in a better quality but I'm too lazy so none of that XD) However credits to creator (tumblr) - #avatar #atla #avatarthelastairbender #avatarthelegendofaang #thelegendofaang #zuko #azula #zucest #zuzula #azuko #dualswords #fire #firebenders #firebender #firebending #zukoalone #zuzu #princessazula #princezuko #fireprincess #fireprince #fireprincessazula #fireprincezuko #princessazulaofthefirenation #princezukoofthefirenation #firelord #firenation

292 2 Dec 14, 2017

A #WomanCrushWednesday shout out to our meme tagging, sparkly and Avatar obssessed relationship 😂 🔥 #FireBenders #IrohGuideUs #CoDatingZuko

46 2 Dec 13, 2017

Okay so I haven't read much different fan fiction by now, but amongst those I have, the one I've read just now, only a few minutes ago was by far the best one. Of course its about Azula (if you want to read it its called "Dishonored" I found it on tumblr by PurplePlatypusBear21) and I've just read a chapter almost entirely dedicated to Azula - her mind and actions (shortly Azula is 22 here and she more-less befriended with all the other girls and the rest of team Avatar and this fan fiction is mostly about Zucest, now I know that you might not like that ship but I do tbh besides that - here they somehow reveal Azula's feelings and 'issues' through her complicated sibling relationship with Zuko and its absolutely marvelous - I considered to post some fragments from it but I don't think anyone would actually read them bc it just looks like a bunch of uninteresting text so I decided to do it like this. Its also about Sokkla too but at least at this point of the story its almost all about Zucest...) So I just thought I should mention this incredible (full of lemons but in a... uh moderate amount XD) fan fiction to you in case someone's interested in reading it or has read it already. Anyway the chapter 7 of this ff is about a girls' night with all the girls gathered for another one of Toph's games and with Katara being so frustrated for Azula being there and the only one in the group who still doesn't trust her AT ALL so later they more-less end up yelling at each other and it ends up with Azula's BIG outburst of emotions and confessions about Zuko and Sokka and everything that's happened to her during her life and its actually beautiful - PurplePlatypusBear21, well done really loved it. I know that most of you guys won't be interested in reading it because you might not like Azula or you might not like Zucest and/or Sokkla so you wouldn't want to read it, but really I would 100% recommend it if you're into that stuff (don't you even worry about Sokkla and Zucest if they're not something u ship you'll get used to it XD) and if you like analyzing Azula's life and her actions especially this chapter its really good. Credits to owners/creators of the pics (tumblr)

253 4 Dec 13, 2017

Day 12: Ursa Well i think she is probably the character i have most mixed feelings about /: I have recently posted a three-part tumblr post about someone's opinion on her and a great analysis that I agree really much with which is all about her and her treatment to Azula and Zuko. Its pretty amazing and makes me just feel even more confused about her every time I read it or even just think of it tbh. So we could assume from the way the creators made her in the show that she was supposed to represent a good, positive character in contrary with Ozai but after reading that great tumblr analysis I've realized how bad of a mother Ursa actually was although I didn't think of her that way before. She almost completely neglected Azula and gave too much attention to Zuko hurting her daughter and therefore having a huge part in Azula's mad behavior and eventually her breakdown at the end - being a neglected child by your own mom and watching her favorising your brother your whole childhood - horrible. She also seemed to be very... Uh motherly and nice in the comics which made me kind of feel sorry for her (the last few pics☝) so I have no idea what am I supposed to think?! Characters like this are amongst all the other things that make Avatar great✨👌 So what do ya think about her? (Credits to Gurihuru for the last couple of pictures - from the comics "The Search" and "Smoke and Shadow") - #avatar #avatarthelastairbender #avatarthelegendofaang #thelegendofaang #ursa #zuko #azula #zukoalone #thesearch #smokeandshadow #ozai #forgetfulvalley #nonbender #firebender #firebenders #avatarcomics #manga #fireprincessursa #princezuko #fireprincezuko #firelord #firelordzuko #zuzu #princessazula #fireprincess #firenationroyalfamily #firenation #azulasdecemberchallenge

224 28 Dec 12, 2017

Day 11: Chanzula or Zucest? Well tbh I gotta go with Zucest. I know that 'incest is not okay blah blah' and I do not really support it in real life (tho I've never quite thought too much about it tbh) but seriously there are many reasons why this ship is cool (to me). First of all like c'mon if they weren't siblings we all would ship them XD I've seen people saying that 'even if they weren't related it wouldn't be a healthy relationship' but I'm just like why the hell not? U don't know how the story would go if they weren't brother and sister and just because u know them as siblings doesn't mean that they couldn't have a normal relationship if they weren't. So, I've read some fanfictions lately and they had a major part in making me like this ship (tho its not my first Azula ship I'm a Sokkla shipper in fact - also caused by fan fiction XD but that doesn't stop me from liking and shipping Zucest too). Idk if you've ever read any but believe me when I tell u they'll change ur opinion on many things. Also idk if you've noticed but Zuko and Azula have had much more... Well sexual tension than many other pairings and siblings in the show so I guess Bryke wanted this to be a ship? And just for the record - Grey DeLisle, Azula's voice actor also ships Zucest so I guess it means its not totally wrong lmao XD Now I know almost everybody is being like 'ew if u ship Zucest there's something wrong with you and you should seriously think about your own opinion and your thoughts and reconsider...' Ugh they make me vomit I mean as I said - I don't support incest in real life but why does everybody execrate a simple fiction ship so much? Like guys just let people ship what they want. And Chanzula? Like Chan was actually Azula's only real canon love interest but tho I even used to like this ship I just don't anymore because their relationship was... Well nothing XD they only kissed once and Chan was a total jerk. So I gave my opinion here☝ and I won't welcome any hate comments, ofc you're allowed to give ur opinion but to try to convince me how my ship is wrong and sick I just don't want that okay? So just... Don't.

153 9 Dec 12, 2017

Hey, sorry I was gone for 2+ weeks. Someone stole my phone when I was at church and I just got it back today. I feel horrible for not posting for you guys but I might spam you with a bunch of Zutara fanart

143 3 Dec 11, 2017
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