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The moon is currently in the soft nakshatra of Mrigashira. We have noticed in our research that women with Rohini & Mrigashira Moon tend to be the most active in the body positivity movement-- especially emphasizing women supporting other women-- and I wanted to write a bit about how astrology can help women to embrace themselves. One of the things I least anticipated when I started analyzing how astrology affects appearance and collecting photos, was how much it would help me to appreciate my own "type of beauty". Before realizing who I was (in regards to overall polarity and energy), I never felt settled in simply observing and appreciating other women. Instantly, upon seeing a girl I deemed attractive, I only felt an internal sense of "reaching", my mind racing to determine how I could possess some of the beauty myself, or project it onto myself. I would see a celebrity like Megan Fox, for example, and crave a sharper nose, smaller frame, and narrower eyes. I'd think maybe if I dyed my hair black or emulated her makeup style, I could become the "type of beauty" that she was. When I began the site, I started to realize the insane amount of variation that there is in beauty. I began to realize that often the types of girls I found beautiful and wanted to be like were so innately different from me, that trying to become "like them" would be completely unattainable. Not only that, but the sharpness in the women that I craved to be more like (Keira Knightley, for example) came often from the very fact that their polarity was opposite mine, and so they were especially attractive to me BECAUSE I wasn't like them. What I failed to realize was that there are countless beautiful woman who vibrate more at my polarity, and when I learned the "average appearance" of my type of signs, seeing the idealized and perfected versions of my signs in the faces of beautiful celebrities, I saw this as something far more attainable, without so much striving to change myself but rather to improve myself and embrace myself. I could then appreciate-- without striving or suffering-- other types of beauty, those like the structured beauty of Uttarashada... (continued in comments⬇️)

74 7 Jul 21, 2017

#Waistbeads $20 Two strands $30 Waist beads are found in many different #cultures around the world. They bring you peaceful energy, attract a mate or Intensify the #passion between you and your mate, helps to #empower your #femininity and even control #weight. Go ahead research it and find YOUR reason. My reason.. to empower myself and passion. ❤😉

1 1 Jul 21, 2017

I always thought "becoming a writer" meant expanding your vocabulary and using more words. 🌵 What I've learned through practice is that words aren't really important, it's the thing that happens when you write them and read them. The feeling you get. 🌵 Words are totally meaningless symbols without the significance we've all agreed to place on them. Writing that feels most alive is usually made up of words we all agree on, not words that are specific to a certain group of people. The simpler the words, the more brain capacity can be used to feel the intended meaning. Fewer words reduces the mental energy of decoding the symbols themselves. 🌵 I like to condense words down to a concentrated reduction. Simplify a thought until it contains as few words as necessary to make the feeling happen. 🌵 This basket of just-picked vegetables turned into garlicky sauteed green beans in an heirloom tomato reduction sauce with ground organ meat. 🌵 Tomatoes are full of flavor, but they're also full of water. Simmering evaporates the water to concentrate and intensify the flavor. I use a big pan, the larger the surface area the faster the water will evaporate. I move the chopped tomato, red pepper, garlic, and fresh oregano around constantly over high heat. First it becomes more juicy, but eventually it begins to thicken. 🌵 This method converts a big pile of beautiful heirloom tomatoes, fresh and watery as melon, into a thick tomato reduction. The essence of tomato - intensified.

28 1 Jul 21, 2017

#balance #alchemy #love #beauty #femininity ✌🏽

9 0 Jul 21, 2017

#closeyoureyes #justbreathe #remaincalm #takeheed #strongwomen #blackandwhitephotos #femininity #dressesarelife👗 .....we all need a little peace once in a while. Life is hard. Be good to the ones who matter. 🌹

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Consider the character, lifestyle, and experience of the source of any advice you receive. We'd love to say "just read the Bible" but there are many nuances in relationship that aren't always clarified in scripture. Many times we have to turn to trusted couples, counselors, and friends for a bit of perspective. --- What are some trusted sources of love & relationship advice for you?

70 8 Jul 21, 2017

Juicy Fruit💦💦💦😛🙊 All natural, gluten free, No GMOs, organically grown, raw organic sugar scrubbed, Piña Colada flavour. #brazilianwax #keepitrightkeepittight #juicyfruit #naturalflavors #homegrown #herekittykitty #behaveyourself #artistic #sensual #sensuality #feminine #femininity #poolside #sunkissed #juicy #summertimefun #lovetheskinyourin #curves #hipsdontlie #wildthoughts #reserved

11 1 Jul 21, 2017

Love this #goddess of #spring artwork by #danish artist tinamariaelena who creates these gorgeous #sensual & works depicting the #feminine essence. The more we are present in our physical bodies, honouring these temples of our souls, the more our #creative & #sexual energy can #flow with ease. The sexual force = the life force flowing within that connects us to all of life and all of nature. We are not separate and cannot be - it's just that sometimes we forget. I love the green in this painting as it reminds me of this connection to the earth. As the wonderful wildmarymary says man has forgotten that we are nature and nature is man. The more we connect with our bodies and nature, the better decisions we will make to love ourselves, each other and the planet. #mothernature #wombawakening #womblove #creation #sacredself #divinefeminine #sacredfeminine #sacred #presence #selflove #priestess #motherearth #mothergaia #femininity #feminineenergy

20 1 Jul 21, 2017

Early start to the weekend means more time blogging! Check out my last post on what I have learned from working with kids. Link in bio!

16 1 Jul 21, 2017

This gorgeous doll is soooo Blissfully Feminine. Thank you for your support 💕🌸💕💕💕 #thewifelifestylecoach #thewifelifestyle #blissfullyfeminine #femininity #feminine #girly #blackwomen

12 0 Jul 21, 2017
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