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She's falling but she doesn't think he'll catch her 'Cause her last relationship was a disaster Accusations everyday, she didn't know why All her calls would be ignored, he's on his own time Should've ended it before it started All she ever got was broken hearted He was cheating on her, trying to flip it back on her like a victim She's falling in love now, losing control now Fighting the truth, trying to hide But I think it's alright, girl Yeah, I think it's alright, girl, ooh She's falling in love now, losing control now #songlyrics #losincontrol #losincontrol🎶 #jams #fallinginlove #relatable #whocanrelate #feels #allupinmyfeelings #selfie #snapchat #snapme #addme #addmeonsnapchat #rissasexton #snap #ohsnap #like4like #likeforfollow #followforfollow

10 1 Sep 23, 2017

"You’re running late but you trip over something and fall down. You lose money or something of great value and you have to find a way to tell your parents or cope up with the loss. You’re rushing a paper and your computer crashes and you just stare at the screen hoping it’s a prank or a joke. You graduate high school or college and you have absolutely no idea what to so next. A friend moves away and you have to get used to not seeing them every day. Your lover breaks up with you and you have to throw away your hopes and plans of a future with them. A family member gets sick and you have to leave from school or work so you can be with them at the hospital. You lose a loved one and you don’t know how to function without them. This is the universe telling you to stop. It’s saying that you’re moving too fast in your life, haunted by your past and worried about your future. Sometimes, you just need to look around and see what is in your present. In any of these times, just look around. Look left and right. Look behind you. Look above and down below. Look right in front of you. Maybe the universe wants to show you something. Maybe you’ll look left and you’ll see the sunset for the first time in months, because your work keeps you inside all day and you only clock out by night time. Maybe you’ll look right and you’ll see a field of flowers that you’re allowed to pick to bring home to your mother or your grandmother or your best friend or your lover. Maybe you’ll look up and see an airplane and you’ll make a wish because you thought it was a shooting star. Maybe you’ll look behind you and you’ll see the ocean with its waves crashing on the shore and you can’t seem to remember the last time you felt sand under your feet. Maybe you’ll find the answers to your problems. Maybe you’ll figure out the secrets of the universe. Maybe you’ll find out why you wake up in the morning every day. Maybe you’ll realize who you want to grow old with. Maybe you’ll finally understand life." #life #thoughts #follow #likes #quotes #feels #blankedthoughts #poetrycommunity #waves #poetryofinstagram #thoughtcatalog #iwrite #surf #people #writer #iwritetoforget #beach #sea

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"the Bond's Name. James Name" Pleased to... what? "Bond Name's the james" Are you alright? "Bames Nond's having a stronk, call the Bondulance" #feels

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#feels like Mexico?

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