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One of my favorite spots in Skagit Valley. We call it North Fork, a wetland near to the north fork of the Skagit River where it empties into the bay. The rock in the background is Delta Rock, a place I’ve spent much of my time growing up here, often accompanied by a journal, guitar, or group of friends. It’s simple and it’s magical. Eagles, herons, snow geese, and ducks all flock to this area. These places around home bring me so much comfort. I especially found this winter day out there to be refreshing and nourishing to my being. #skagitvalley #myfavoriteplaces #homeland #nature #nurture #scenic #landscape #washington #pnw #northwest

21 4 Jan 17, 2018

Wednesday/Dé Céadaoin Shit , I like this wind the most alive I’ve felt all week I want to run I want to stretch out I want to shout and swear all my clothes are soaked my hair is wet so much power so much noise ~~~ caraghlakehouse #artistinresidence

17 1 Jan 17, 2018

You cannot do great things without the support of great people around you. I have a pretty amazing group of friends and family to help me out. Thank you for making it another special year! • Thank you ultrarunningmag for the Ultra Runner of the Year (North American) recognition, but this hasn’t been possible without the continued support of the people around me. • #timetofly #feedyouradventure #runlikewater #UROY #coconinocowboys #cowboyjamboree2018 #thecanyonmakescowboys #wedrinkourcoffeeblack

304 6 Jan 17, 2018

I’ve heard that it’s snowing again in SC today, but the weather couldn’t be more opposite here! Just because I’m curious, let’s play a little game in the comments - using emojis only, describe the weather where you are today! I’ll start: ☀️🌤🤸‍♀️ #markhamsonthemap

48 3 Jan 17, 2018

Made a complete wedding checklist, emailed vendors, talked to a guy about BBQ for half an hour, drafted an email to our wedding party and looked at men's formal wear on Pinterest for way too long last night. Then I had a wedding dream that we ran out of mac n' cheese and everything else but chicken and okra by the time we got to the food. Soooo, maybe tacos? I don't know, I just wish I was here right now 😂

19 3 Jan 17, 2018

Condor keeping it funky back east ⛷: batcatthesavior • • • • #cupark #forthefew #cufreeskiing #spyderactive #spyder #clifbar #feedyouradventure

14 0 Jan 17, 2018

Without a doubt this was the driving force behind last weeks spur of the moment road trip. When I first saw the photos of this place I knew I had to check it out with my own eyes. Antelope Canyon was formed over millions of years by wind & water flowing over layered sandstone. It feels unreal down in there and has got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. It's amazing that the people of the Navajo Nation are willing to share this sacred place with the public and I feel lucky to be able to experience it thru the eyes of a native. #antelopecanyon #feedyouradventure #bucketlist

45 2 Jan 17, 2018

That run had some spice 👌 fitness - 📈 . . clifbar #feedyouradventure nike #nikerunning #nike4%

599 7 Jan 17, 2018
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