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Harriet stretching her wings (photo: Desiree Deliz)

372 9 Oct 23, 2017

Black Necked Stilt chicks.

35 5 Oct 23, 2017

Just outside of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve there is a small cafe called Cafe Colibri. Around the outside of this cafe are Hummingbird feeders which attract an absurd number of hummingbirds. Cafe Colibri is definitely an appropriate name. When I arrived first thing in the morning the cafe wasn't open yet and the Hummingbird feeders were all completely empty. I think that they thought that I had come to fill up their feeders. I had hummingbirds landing on my lens, whizzing past my head, and at one point one tried to drink out of my ear. Despite there being so many hummingbirds, and it being so chaotic, there was one species that instantly stood out from the rest. The Violet Sabrewing. This Hummingbird is much larger than the others, and the males are a brilliant purple. They were well aware of their size advantage and used it to boss around all of the other species. Light was very low and no flashes were allowed so getting decent photos was tricky. I had so much fun photographing the hummingbirds here, this was definitely a highlight of the trip. #Campylopterushemileucurus #VioletSabrewing #CafeColibri #MonteverdeCloudForestReserve #MonteverdeCloudForest #Monteverde #CloudForest #CostaRica

124 8 Oct 22, 2017

Juvenile Yellow- crowned Night Heron hunting in a Florida lagoon

184 2 Oct 22, 2017

Brahminy Kite (Lang Merah) Selangor 🇲🇾

377 15 Oct 22, 2017

Burrowing Owlets.

54 4 Oct 22, 2017
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