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I'm sure that this qualifies as an unpopular opinion, but thus far I think MANIA is one of, if not, Fall Out Boy's best album, and this is why. It is the most drastic Fall Out Boy has switched their sound in the course of one album, (not to say that any of the others sound alike to another, of course not) as simultaneously being incapable of being accurately defined by just one genre, or even by a mix of genres. I appreciate their ability to do what they desire in their sound and lyrics despite the harsh judgement it's undoubtedly brought them, especially over so much time of being a band, that they haven't deprived themselves of creativity, or lost sight of their own liking toward music. It'd be so easy to recreate and copy paste a successful album that they already had, like From Under the Cork Tree, and call it done after all this time. And that's why I don't understand the accusations made that they're "sell-outs". Patrick sounded so excited about the finish and upcoming release of MANIA, and I'm so happy they're true enough to themselves for that to have never changed in the course of 16 years. I love my boys, and am so hype for this album, my doods. #falloutboy #thedamnedthings #andyhurley #petewentz #patrickstump #joetrohman #mania #fob

2 0 Nov 18, 2017

Happy stump Saturday I have the cutest boyfriend :) ~Joe ☠️

0 1 Nov 18, 2017

8th time FOB was a success 🖤

15 1 Nov 18, 2017

Her Fallout Boy concert was a total success she was literally in tears she danced the entire night I didn't know a single song but she had the time of her life it was one of those mom moments where she keeps hugging you in tears and keeps telling you thank you and you both start crying 😭 this was one of the best nights ever for her and she really needed it!! And a funny note we tell her to pose for a picture and all she knows how to do is a cheer pose 😂😏 like if she's taking cheerleading pictures #TheManiaTour #FallOutBoy #FridayNight #TheForum #MomLife

4 0 Nov 18, 2017


2 0 Nov 18, 2017

Ohh look at andy! Taking a glance at joe ;) its ok sweety we all want him too. But we have to share. #trohley #cute #ship #falloutboy #fob #petewentz #patrickstump #joetrohman #andyhurley

2 0 Nov 18, 2017

Such pretty eyes 👏 . . . #patrickstump #falloutboy #smol #smolbean #fedoraboy #lovleysmile #prettyeyes

1 0 Nov 18, 2017
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