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3 0 Feb 17, 2018

Newest WIP. Pardon the dirty hands. Himilaya tourmaline from San diego, california with yellow sapphire and amythest facets wrapped in argentium silver and 14/20 goldfill wire. This piece will be available. #tourmaline #himilayamine #himilayatourmaline #amythest #sapphire #facets #lapidary #wireart #art #artist #jewelry #boujee #couture #wip #pinktourmaline

6 6 Feb 17, 2018

I could stare into the step cut #facets all day 🤩 What do YOU love most about #emeraldcut diamonds?

383 13 Feb 17, 2018

Results from Nana’s reduxed necklace. I had forgotten about these large flat pyrite beads in my bead stash and knew I would find use with them in this project. Nana’s necklace was so long and provided an abundance of these beautiful black faceted beads I had enough for a third smaller scale necklace with the top drilled crystals to keep the statement trend going. . . Dismantling and repurposing vintage jewelry is one of my favourite things to do. Every piece I’ve received comes with a life of its own and was loved intensely. Each piece I have made from a vintage redux project has been a one-of-a-kind (OOAK) creation to which I find suiting out of respect for its previous life. But through this, I hope to give it a second life of love ❤️💎 . . Want to own your very own OOAK piece and keep its story going? Some fun news coming soon where you might be able to find me and some pieces for sale very soon! #designbycassandra #handmade #jewelry #handmadejewelry #vintage #sustainablefashion #sustainablejewelry #sustainable #repurposedjewelry #repurposed #grandmasjewelry #nanasjewelry #black #facets #crystalquartz #crystal #topdrill #hematite #pyrite #foolsgold #slice #nugget #spike #makeitwithmichaels

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