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0 0 Oct 18, 2017

There will always be times that remind you that there is always room for growth. Tonight has been one of those nights for me. I started out behind from the time I walked in the door, and didn’t know one direction from another for probably about 5 hours. Nothing makes me more frustrated than feeling incompetent at what I’m doing. My only saving grace was the main doctor I was working with acknowledged to me that I had gotten hammered and even stated “your work doesn’t go unnoticed.” Tonight I’m grateful for a great team behind me who helped catch me up and find breathing room. I’m also thankful that there are challenges in my job that make me strive to continue to be better. #travelnurse #ernurse #stlouis

0 0 Oct 18, 2017

A feel a couple more are missing, but sounds about right. #ernurse #nursememe #medicalhumor #lvnhumor #nurse #hospital #follow #nurselife

6 0 Oct 18, 2017

Here's the final product and the recipe for the turkey rotini pasta: 1) First I sautéed the ground turkey and seasoned with dried basil, garlic, and pepper. Then set aside. 2) Next I sautéed 1 green bell pepper and 1 sweet onion in a little avocado oil. 3) Then you mix it all together in a pot with organic tomato sauce with basil, organic diced tomatoes, and organic tomato paste....and let it simmmmmeeerrrrr!!!!!! 4) Also I may or may not have added a little vino...🍷😜🙈😂 Best part is that I have a little extra to eat for lunch at work over the next three nights! 💪🏼all the macros to help me make it through a shift!!! #ernurse #traumanurse #eatcleantrainmean #fitfam eatbanza #mealprep #macros

13 1 Oct 18, 2017

But seriously folks.... #ernurse

5 2 Oct 18, 2017

#cheers #losangeles #california #dtla #ernurse with the homies 🍻🥂🍺🍷🍹🍸 sdc__ lovinglifemason

19 1 Oct 18, 2017

It's an honor to work in 2 of #Nevada's finest. #ernurse

12 0 Oct 18, 2017

Okay so of you have kids or fur kids like I do this is a must have in your natural cleaning supplies. It is so darn easy and cheap! . . ✨1 pint mason jar ✨Take a nail and hammer and punch holes on top of lid ✨Fill 2/3 full with baking soda ✨Add 20 drops ✨Melaleuca ✨Purify (Just pick one or do 10 drops of each) . . Not only will your house smell great it will naturally clean and detox the carpet in your home! . . Just sprinkle on leave for 10 min and vacuum! Bye bye toxic carpet deodorizer! . . Who will give this one a try!

23 1 Oct 18, 2017

I am not adjusting well at all 😩💁🏼 . . . . #newengland #itscold #imisshawaii #massachusetts #ernurse #notadjustingwell

4 0 Oct 18, 2017

ER life.... finally off for 8 days..... today is my #friyayyyy lol.... this lady right here makes my day easier #friends #erlife #spartanraceweekend #nurselife #ernurse #911whatsyouremergency #workflow

13 1 Oct 18, 2017

I remember those college days when I woke up in a blur of the night before realizing I had yet again binged on junk the night before. 🙄 My thoughts were full of shame and guilt and my body extremely bloated.😬 So what did I do? I laced up my sneakers and would run 9 miles, promising it would never happen again and restrict my food only to have the vividly cycle repeat. 😫Does this girl sound familiar to you?! ••• Fast forward to now where I have found a balance of having a good time with friends, telling myself positive affirmations that have helped me be binge free, and wake up the next morning EXCITED to workout and see what my body can do! ••• And I'm so excited now to pay this forward and help women find their worth in more than a number on scale or dress size! I love the safety of my online community where we can be real with one another, share victories and overcome struggles together! If you've been curious about my groups, I want to invite you to learn more about it in my FREE prep party group going on NOW! We'll chat about what the groups are like and tips in tricks to get you through the holiday season feeing more confident than any other year! Best part-it's Scandal themed so you know my inner Olivia Pope will be making an appearance or two 😜 Comment below and I'll add you today 👇🏻👇🏽👇🏾💗✌🏼

35 6 Oct 18, 2017

Happy National Veterinary Technician Week! In honor of this week I want to share photos of some ( out of the many ) incredible nurses I've been blessed to work beside 💗🐱🏩💉🐾🌷🐕💊 #nationalveterinarytechnicianweek #vettech #rvt #ernurse #ccunurse #sage #KC #mentor #strength #brilliance #compassion #patience #dedication #madskill #love

38 0 Oct 18, 2017
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