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Masterminds with other girlbosses at awesome locations are the best! ✨🌸

0 1 Jun 27, 2017

Hands down & the minute you understand that you rise up! 👌🏽🔥👩🏽‍💻🥂

2 1 Jun 27, 2017

One country a visionary Entrepreneur who wants to expand his/her business horizon must visit is China! . . However it isn't easy to jump on a flight and roam the streets of China all by yourself . The reason Amazing Amazon Initiative has put this together! . . If you are an aspiring entrepreneur ; thinking of transiting from 9/5 to being your own boss, this is for you! . . You have some funds but not sure where to invest ? This is for you. You are sure to find business inspiration right in the heart beat if world business headquarters! . . You are already and entrepreneur but need other source of income, this is an opportunity for you to explore other options. . . You don't want to quit your 9/5 but need a side hustle? This is a perfect opportunity for you to be a representative of a company or become a franchisee here in Nigeria. . . The Canton Fair is where all world manufacturers, CEOs, MDs of world business meet in China. . . This is your opportunity to meet them one on one! . . Serious interest should please send a mail to info . . #cantonfair #china #businesswomen #businessowners #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #businesstour #businessfair #cantonfair2017

1 0 Jun 27, 2017

Like, COMMENT, TAG your FRIENDS and REPOST!!! It would be interesting to see your views and your beautiful faces. #beenalongweekquote Beenalongweek

7 2 Jun 27, 2017

We got you. Keine Kaution, keine Nebenkosten, keine Vertragsbindung. Bitteschön! #beehivework

1 1 Jun 27, 2017

Nothing prepares you more than experience! 👇👇👇 👉 Follow wpmentor 👈👈👈 Reposted via talyathemogul

1 1 Jun 27, 2017

MESSAGE or PHONE ME 🌟 07542528130. Julie🌟 NOW 🌟 I started working from home few months ago. Leaving the 9 to 5 rat race. I'm my own boss. I wanted to be at home to support my family whilst my daughter worked and helped her with her childcare. I was around to pick my grandson up from school, I could work from anywhere taking my phone with me as long as I have Internet connection. my grandson no longer has to go to the after school club... I'm around to take him to school in a morning. I wanted a semi retirement job where I could start taking life a little easier from the stresses of a lifetime career in social care & to continue to be around for my family. However, this opportunity being so phenomenal,instead of my planned chilled part time phase into retirement and life changing products I've ended up building a worldwide team in MLM. No I had never done this before either, its easy🌟 Costed me 💲0 This opportunity is amazing without any doubts 💛100% PROFITS SALES 💛10-25% ON TEAM SALES 💛50% PAYCHECKS PEOPLE YOU ENROLL 💛10% PAYCHECKS PEOPLE THEY ENROLL 💛10% OF OF NEXT 5 GENERATIONS ACTUALLY 💛HOLIDAYS FREE 💛MORTGAGE PAYMENTS 🌟CAR INCENTIVES SOUND GOOD? DONT WAIT INBOX ME START TODAY WHILE STILL FRESH YOU WILL WISH YOU STARTED RIGHT AT THE BEGINING 😊 🔥🔥SERIOUSE PEOPLE ONLY🔥🔥 😮& more this is set to boom in 2017 due to preferred customer system..way into to business opportunity. This is set to BOOM my business in 2017. Get in touch if you want the lifestyle and further info 😂🌍✌🏻️ #mlm #networking #networkmarketingpro #financialfreedom #entrepreneur #networkmarketing #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurship #businessowner #residualincome #businessopportunity #ownboss #extraincome #makemoney #networkmarketer #multilevelmarketing #marketing #internetmarketing #onlinemarketing #income #debtfree #getpaid #homebasedbusiness

14 1 Jun 27, 2017

#Repost lucymnjoroge ・・・ #shadesforsight NewAgeForTheVisuallyImpaired To highlight the importance of protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays in sunlight, we're celebrating National Sunglasses Day on Tuesday 27 June. Just wear your shades and a smile, take a selfie and post it to social media using #shadesforsight.

33 1 Jun 27, 2017

⏰ Zeit ⏰ . 86400 Sekunden bekommst du jeden Tag geschenkt... . ... als ich gerade mit meiner Mama in der Küche stand und mein kleiner Neffe auf dem Boden gespielt hat, habe ich mal wieder überlegt, wie wertvoll einfach unsere Lebenszeit ist. Wie wichtig es ist uns ein Leben zu schaffen, wo wir jede Sekunde genießen können und das tun können was wir lieben. . Leider verbringen die meiste Menschen da draußen ihre kostbare Lebenszeit in Jobs, die sie nicht erfüllen, verbringen Zeit mit Menschen, die ihnen Energie rauben und können die wunderbaren Sommertage nicht genießen, da sie erst um 18 Uhr total genervt aus dem Büro rauskommen und in einem Körper leben, den sie nicht lieben . Gerade gestern, als ich nach Monaten mal wieder kurz das Radio angemacht habe, sagten die Moderatoren auf 1Live folgendes nach dem Motto: "Es ist ja wieder Montag, da freuen sich ja alle wieder auf Freitag, es sind ja nur noch 5 Tage, ihr schafft das!" . Da hab ich mir echt gedacht: IN WAS FÜR EINER GESELLSCHAFT LEBEN WIR EIGENTLICH? Genau deshalb höre ich kein Radio mehr und nur noch ausgewählte Dinge im TV. . Darum hab ich vor einem Jahr einen Schlussstrich unter mein altes Leben gezogen, denn ich wollte genau das, womit dieser Post beginnt: . Soviel Zeit wie ich will mit den Menschen verbringen, die ich liebe, soviel Zeit wie ich will an den Orten verbringen, die ich liebe. Dinge die ich liebe tun zu können, wann ich es möchte und soviel ich möchte. . Schaffe dir ein Leben, wovon Du keinen Urlaub brauchst ❤️ . Nur DU kannst etwas ändern, sonst niemand... . Einen schönen Dienstag euch allen 🌞 . Eure Marie . #MKJ . __________________________________________ #success #erfolg #erfolgreich #networker #disziplin #durchhalten #leben #liebe #motivation #business #inspiration #lifestyle #love #life #happiness #entrepreneurship #successful #passion #instagood #hustle

14 0 Jun 27, 2017
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