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Natalie said, “mommy I want to be a photographer.” Well let’s get some practice I said. Loved she wanted to start taking pictures of her life as she experiences it. #dreams #encouragement #momlife #futurephotographer #love #empowerment #believeinyourself

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When you get to the gates God is not going to say ‘ I love your outfit’ but he will ask how did you use your gifts and fulfilled your purpose! 🤭 Just saying 🙌🏾 I would rather find my purpose than spend time finding an outfit for the club. 💭 #sheblogs #grateful #godisgood #growing #abundant #community #encouragement #empoweredwomen #focused #inspiration #motivated #goaldigger #empire #faithbased #christianblogger #buildyourempire #vlogger #success #bossbabe #buildinganempire #empowermentcoach #motivation #inspiration #mentor #womenempowerment #empire #leadership #lifecoach

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Live Laugh Love You Give Grow Teach 💗 Out enjoying nature this morning with the kids exploring the lake. 🦆🦎🐟🍂🐞🐛🐝☀️👩🏻👧🏻👦🏻👦🏻💗 . Making the most of this time before school starts for the year. . Remember to make each day count - Live Laugh Love Give Grow Teach Love Yourself . Being home and having a relaxing day counts just as much of thats what feels good to you! . Love your family and friends. Tell the people that mean a lot to you how much you value them. . Spread love and peace 💗✌🏼❤️ . You are amazing!.... Remember keep being you and have fun! 💃✨🌈 . #mum #mumlife #nature #naturephotography #positive #positivity #positivemind #positivevibes #positivequotes #encouragement #motherhood #beyourself #kids #family #fun #summer #love #adventure

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Love this! Repost: cocoagiirls

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Your season of pain is coming to an end as God is shifting things for you. You WILL win. You WILL see the promise. You WILL find the love you desire. You ARE healed. You WILL see the manifestation of the dreams God put in your heart. You already HAVE victory through Christ Jesus. The enemy IS defeated. Keep pressing, and praying because God is on the move and he's shifting things! We're praying for you! #God #jesus #christ #christianquotes #christian #bible #bibleverse #pray #instadaily #blessing #dailymotivation #instaquote #quotes #inspriation #encouragement #encouragingquotes #godlywoman #godfirst #instagood #Godsword #newyears #amen #l4l #godspromises #dontsettle #Godschild #Godlywaiting #godlymarriage #instaday #prayers

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Late post but I finally have all my textbooks for this semester. So I’m going to do my prayer for the semester! There is POWER in prayer! Feel free to touch and agree. Dear Lord Jesus, I want to thank You for allowing us to see another year and another semester of school! Thank You for blessing us with the opportunity to attend college as many people do not have this opportunity around the globe. I would like to ask You to bless Your people this semester of this new year. Please help us to focus on the tasks set out before us. Please help us to be able to absorb every piece of information that is taught to us throughout the semester. Please help us to be able to be attentive in our classes, at our internship sites, and on our jobs. Help us Lord to be able to remember the information we learn and be able to apply it to our jobs and lives in general. Lord Jesus we want to see Your will for our lives come to pass so please help us to seek Your face and Your will. Please rule and reign in our lives. Block any and every attempt of the enemy at getting our way of finishing strong this semester Lord Jesus. And please go before us and clear the path before us. God I again want to thank You for this opportunity to see another year and to attend college. Please help us to be able to make it through this semester and to do Your will for our lives in the world. I pray these mercies and so much more in Your mighty and precious name, Amen ❤️ Here’s to another semester! Let’s make it a great one!

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One way to keep momentum going is to celebrate all the small wins in life, big and small.⠀ +⠀ +⠀ +⠀ #inspired #design #celebration #life #encouragement #motivation #interiordesign #happy

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This month more than ever I am so excited to share this business with you! Not only can you start your own business but all of the training is provided with steps to follow to reach your goals. Reasons to start with SeneGence... 💋Awesome compensation plan- what would $300, $500 or even $1000 a month do for your family? 💋Outstanding Upline Support. You are not treated like a number but you can form personal relationships with leaders all the way to the top. 💋 Products that are out of the world. Help meet the needs of others with these amazing products. Boost the confidence of women when they feel good about themselves. 💋 Encouragement to reach your goals and recognition when you do! From now until January 31, 2018, all New Distributors who join my team will automatically receive $55 in FREE product credit!!! 😱😱😱 There has literally never been a better time to join!! 🙌🏻 Deciding to join SeneGence was one of the BEST decisions I have ever made! ❤️ If you’re looking for that New Year New You opportunity, THIS IS IT!!! 💃🏼 Let’s do this together! Comment below or PM me for more info!!! 💋

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Let’s be real. ______________________________ Daily posts now on Twitter: LloydBarker92 🙏🏾 ______________________________ lloydbarker #lloydbarker - #lloydbarkerquotes - #lbquotes - #quote - #quoteoftheday #encouragement #facts #takeaction #poetsofinstagram

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In depth of conversation and listening #wisewordsfrommyson #bronsonteles #proudmom #momandson #encouragement

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Ladies’ messenger bag, modeled by this lovely (inside and out) girl. Check out her blog at Her aspiration? Motivational speaking, and eventually morphing into a talk show host. Help her on her journey! kristinkoonce - #motivate #talkshow #encouragement #gifted #bloggerlife #bloggerstyle #leathergoods #leathermessengerbag #messenger #leatherbag #customdesign #byhand #customwork #handcrafted

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For thousands of years people have been moving to find jobs. I'm not exaggerating - Literally thousands. Prosperity has a season. Labor has a season. Skills have a season - they will become relevant in some locations, then out of date in others. You've got to go where yours is. Economies and industries are very specific to regions, states, or even seasons. You want to work construction? You can work anywhere... Although you'll find more work in year-round warmer climates. But if you want to work in fashion or the entertainment industry? Then you better be headed to places like NYC or LA. That's the way it works. Some places have too many people with that skill, so it's too competitive, or others don't have enough people, so there's no urgency to create a position. You need a sweet spot. Your attachment to a location that doesn't match your industry, skills, or the place is under/over populated is keeping you from a job. Find the sweet spot, taste the victory. I moved for a job, and have been licking my figures of success ever since!

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