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The Collective is here to support you and help your grow your professional community. Join us this October for four days of fun, networking, learning and connecting! Sign up to learn more: (link in bio too!) #motivate #empoweredlife #thiscommunity


My first reaction is, I wouldn’t have one..but I am going to let the night wash over me before I begin to answer what my metaphorical epitaph might say, which I can feel is linked to Dharma in a huge way. Thank you tracee_stanley for this one!For support I have the Ajna Chakra; the third eye that opens to experience what’s beyond our sense perception, and which beckons us to follow our intuition. #empoweredwisdom #yantrawisdom #empoweredlife


#Esalen bound tomorrow for a weekend of Yoga and Willpower so grateful to yantrawisdom and gabrielloganbraun for coming to share some of their magic and shawnimusic and ninamaderita for assisting. #willpower #intention #empoweredlife #empoweredlifecards #yantrawisdomcards #yogaretreat #seriouslyfine #lakhitajapa #dharma #dharmadoctor #vikalpa


Loving professional development trainings! Feeling lucky today to be part of an incredible company with integrity and consciousness! Yay to today, the day of the student! #empoweredlife #livethelifeyoulove #core3 #coaching #professional #momprenuer #wholefoodsnutrition #superfoods #feelawesome


Today’s early morning divination asked “what has pain taught you” not an easy question to contemplate. So we ask for the support of the divine, in the form of yantra. The muladhara chakra provides stability, allows for embodiment and can root us in our self essence so we may ponder this question, which I know will bring forth many more questions, making it a contemplative day…what else is there to do? #yantrawisdom #empoweredlife #empoweredwisdom #yogaofintuition


Hanuman blesses us with the ability to devote ourselves truly. He is always in service of something greater and has unsurpassed will. Hanuman’s energy is essential when we take on a great endeavor, sankalpa, intention or resolve! Today’s Empowered Life question challenges us to think BIG: what do we want to accomplish in the next 12 months….Hanuman as the loyal servant gives us the strength to commit, and recommit. Jai Hanuman #yantrawisdom #empoweredlife #empoweredwisdom


Today I feel a collective sadness although the sun is shining brightly. To question our own empowerment is to realize some of our deepest desires. Durga the goddess of invincible courage, has all the tools necessary for us to reach deep within and answer this question. She carries weapons made of light, only to slay the metaphorical demos which keeps us from our own self awareness, and mastery.It may be naive of me to think that if collectively we would look deeper within and love ourselves wholeheartedly, then when we raise our heads and looked into each other eyes we would feel the same. Durga’s affirmation in supporting us to answer this question is “I welcome Love” #yantrawisdom #empoweredlife #love

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