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Someone please tell me this is a fake post. I am sick thinking this is real and our president needs an #Empathy cheat sheet! Why would you need this? Why would it not be an easy natural conversation when you meet someone that has suffered such a loss? I am hoping that this is fake...I really need this to be fake 💔

1 1 Feb 22, 2018

Empathy #nojudgements #empathy #raiseyourvibration

1 0 Feb 22, 2018

Norma turned 90 and hit the road. It also was a trip to celebrate the end of her life. How’s that for badass and extremely poignant? This is the most healthy and inspiring view of death as you'll come across anywhere.

155 2 Feb 22, 2018

It's a people business.⠀ .⠀ Every piece of real estate you buy or sell will be from or to another person.⠀ .⠀ Practice your people skills as if you were practicing your golf swing, playing the piano or juggling chainsaws.⠀ .⠀ Your people skills are the highest paying skills you can acquire.⠀ .⠀ Pursue them, practice them, perfect them.⠀ .⠀ #peopleskills #practice #empathy #integrity #youwillwin

16 5 Feb 22, 2018

It’s not our job to toughen up our children to face a cruel and heartless world, it’s our job to raise kids who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless. #choosekind #bethechangeyouwantosee #anewgeneration #compassion #kindness #empathy #teachthemyoung #schoolpresentation #inspire #lovewhatido

1 1 Feb 22, 2018

AGAPE In ancient Greece, there were six kinds of love. Agape, or selfless love was a love that you extended to all people, whether family members or distant strangers. Agape was later translated into Latin as Caritas, which is the origin of our word "charity." C.S. Lewis referred to it as "gift love," the highest form of Christian love. But it also appears in other religious traditions, such as the idea of mettā or "universal loving kindness" in Theravāda Buddhism. There is growing evidence that agape is in a dangerous decline in many countries. Empathy levels in the U.S. have declined sharply over the past 40 years, with the steepest fall occurring in the past decade. We urgently need to revive our capacity to care about strangers. Excerpted from Join us for ten days in Greece this Spring. #love #agape #empathy #metta #greek #greece #grecian #philosophy #civilization #athens #schoolofathens #ancient #knowledge

2 0 Feb 22, 2018

Love these words so much!!! As always brenebrown hits you with beautifully painful truths. When we beat up on ourselves for making mistakes our frustration reaches out to those around us. Practice humility in remembering you cannot be perfect and see how it shifts the space you can create for others. #brenebrown #ithoughtitwasjustme #shame #empathy #youareenough #counseling #therapy

2 0 Feb 22, 2018

tanyathechange #parenting #emotionalintelligentkids #workshop #family #motherhood #fatherhood #childhood #attention #power #skills #empathy #acknowledgement #acceptance #selfconfidence #emotions #academicachievement #developingtalents #guidance #positivecommunication #nolabels #smartemotions #dubaimums #momsindubai #mydubai #mumindubai #dubaiparents Great first sessionTanya , it's amazing when you get guidance from a professional on what to do, to say ,not to do and not to say ,on when and how...As well as giving the proper tools to deal with the daily challenges that we as parents face from arguments , to whining ,to nagging , to frustration , to tantrums and the list can go on and on 😊. Thank you 💗 and see you next week.

4 1 Feb 22, 2018

EJERCICIO DE EMPATÍA y EL PODER DE LAS PALABRAS. El miércoles en nuestro taller aprendimos sobre el poder que tienen nuestras palabras. Les explicamos que así como hay objetos suaves y otros rasposos/duros, también hay palabras que se sienten así cuando las decimos. Cada niño dio un ejemplo de palabras o frases “suaves” y/o “rasposas” que se sintieran como el objeto que estaban tocando. Ellos dijeron frases suaves como “te quiero mucho”, “dame un abrazo”, “quiero ser tu amigo siempre” y otras frases rasposas como “no quiero jugar contigo”, “no quiero que seas mi amigo”, “ya no te quiero ver”. Les explicamos que es por eso que hay que tener cuidado con las palabras que les decimos a nuestros amigos, papás, hermanos, maestros, ya que tienen una consecuencia. Hay que ser más conscientes de las palabras que escogemos decir y usar más palabras suaves como el algodón y los malvaviscos. Taller para el desarrollo académico, emocional y social. Todos los miércoles de 3:00 p.m. a 5:00 p.m. #inteligenciasocial #inteligenciaemocional #kindergarten #kinder #tallerparaniños #emotionalintelligence #elpoderdelaspalabras #empatía #empathy #newkidskinder 🧠❤️💡

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I really miss him our days being together was short but we really miss him. I wish I have money and space to adopt all the streets cats specially Sumer here in UAE is really hot. #cats #rescue #homelesscats #lovepets #life #lovepets #helpcat #rescuecatuae #cute #love #kitten #photography #animalphotograpy #care #animalcare #empathy #uaeanimalrescue

5 0 Feb 22, 2018

Herderite, Tremolite, Golden Azeztulite Consciously Evolving The Brain Herderite is known to open up the neural circuitry in the brain, specifically more complex areas of the brain, and one can feel its vibrations moving along these pathways. Herderite initiates growth in consciousness. It is considered by crystal experts to be one of the pre-eminent stones for awakening and charging the upper chakras of one’s energy system, fully connecting one’s awareness to the higher dimensions. Metaphysically, Herderite is one of the most powerful tools we know for the evolution of human beings. Herderite works seamlessly with another stone known to act along very similar pathways in the brain, so we’ve included it in this design. Tremolite is a powerful crystal that can be used to activate the pineal gland and link it with the surrounding neural circuitry of the neocortex. The pineal gland has long been thought to be vital in activating the ‘ascension’ process. It is believed that once activated fully, the pineal leads to opening of the Third Eye and Crown chakras simultaneously. This kind of opening gives one conscious access to morphic fields of knowledge. With such access comes a conviction of knowing, not simply believing, and it comes fully formed without any learning process taking place. The third stone used in this design is also a powerful activator of the brain and higher functioning of the mind. Golden Azeztulite is associated with states of pure Love, enlightenment and what is called Christ-consciousness. This specialized form of awareness is often depicted as a golden white glow that surrounds ones head and envelops the body. Golden Azeztulite is thought to be attuned to the unknown latent capacities of one’s brain, mind and nervous system. It has been shown to stimulate the prefrontal lobes very intensely and precisely, activating a state of awareness which delivers answers and information directly into one’s awareness.

5 1 Feb 22, 2018

Sdraiarsi sul lettino, chiudere gli occhi e godersi un massaggio, svedese, ayurvedico, cinese, o quel che sia, è un momento di piacere. Un piacere per chi lo fa e per chi lo riceve. La più antica forma di #terapia fisica, l'unica priva di effetti collaterali e adatta a tutte le età è infatti talmente virtuosa che non solo fa bene a chi si lascia massaggiare, ma anche a chi "impasta", come dicevano i greci - il termine deriva dal loro #massein, modellare, lavorare la #materia. Il massaggio è dotato di una componente psicologica fortissima. Quando massaggiamo, l'empatia che si instaura con la persona è totale: se manca, non può esserci nessun giovamento concreto, perché questo legame è parte integrante del trattamento. #empatia #empathy #trattamento #massage #massaggiorelax #massaggio #coccole #amati #loveyourself #lovelife #mani #lecco #bergamo #milano.

4 1 Feb 22, 2018

Emotional intelligence is more important to leadership than a high IQ alone. • Find out more from Merit Gest on the ISPA blog accessible through our profile link.

3 1 Feb 22, 2018
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