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Empaths! This course has your name on it! Enrollment is closing soon!!! Learn basic meditation to establish your connection to consciousness, and find PEACE of mind in the chaos.Take control of your external influencesUnderstand how we are subconsiously influenced and how to take control!Understand how your emotions are the driving force to creating your life experiencesChange how you view problems and turn them into solutions!Understand relationship dynamics and how to deal with toxic people!Learn about energy management for Empaths and the highly sensitive! Learn at your own pace!Video lessons and assignments that can be done on your own timeAll this for $44 with an opportunity to add onLearn about your energy field!Become a certified level I Reiki Pracitioner! Clear away emotioinal blockages!You will receive a 1:1 Emotion Code Clearing Session with Amanda Trudel Learn about the energy of the moon cycles!This introduction to Elemental Moon Astrology, Jene Hopkins will help you understand and utilize the effects of the moon and how it can help us better our lives.Learn about your dark side and how to work with it as a self development toolAll this for an additional $88Sign up today! Lessons released weekly for 4-9 weeks depending on your choice of learning! Link in bio or


Empaths can experience a lot of anxiety! In my new video, I describe the root cause and offer tools to heal your anxiety from the inside out! Link in bio! #Anxiety #empath #hsp #truthroom #Soullab #spiritualfitness #holistic #holistichealth #naturalcures #spiritualthoughts #helpful #feelgood #socialmedia

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