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Empath amulet with amethyst, rose quartz and lepidolite in the shop #empath #ooak #crystalhealing #hippie #vegan


This is so very true... as an INFJ and an empath I always see the potential in people, no matter who they are #keeploving #empath #notcrazyjustnotnormal #positivevibes #vibratehigher #findthegood


Please enjoy your holiday today, and forgive me if I went a little deep on that last post, I try to stay light of heart, but as an Empath approaching this week of politics has me very disturbed, the cacaphony of electricity pounding me from all angles is almost unbearable. I know I cannot fix anything or anybody but myself, and it is obvious that there will be lots of meditations forthcoming. Go out there and do something good, that homeless person could probably use a cup of hot coffee and a warm pair of socks, your little human could probably use an extra hug, they feel things, hear things and internalize them and be good to yourselves, calm and self loving, I will be working with my 70s classic rock turned up, drowning out errant signs, so I can find my way...Turn the Page (Bob Seeger) shine a light on that darkness that hides the true nature of mankind. Love and Light to anybody else struggling today #thestruggleisreal #mlk #empath #meditation #rituals #helpyourfellowman #classicrock #bobseeger #politics #trumpsucks #theemporerhasnoclothes #cacaphony


If you are an Empath? If so, you will have experienced a combination of some or all of the following symptoms: •You absorb other people’s emotions like a sponge, carrying them as your own. •When someone close to you is physically ill, you can feel this as physical pains in your body. •You often suffer from physical or mental fatigue and tiredness. •You find Solitude immensely refreshing, and you require it to “recharge”. •You often experience many mood swings or emotional states throughout the day. •Witnessing violence or cruelty is unbearable to you. •You are a very good listener. People often come to you with their problems. •Animals and children are attracted to you. •You are caring and nurturing by nature. •You are hyper-aware of the physical environment, e.g. to smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing, etc. •You can’t stand interpersonal conflict. •Crowded places are very overwhelming and draining to you.• #hermanusreikitherapy #hermanus #healers #heal #empath #empathsbelike #empathsunite #bekindalways #bethelight #reiki #reikilove #reikienergy #reikiblessings #universalloveandlight #universalenergy #mindfulness #onelove

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