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4 am Sadness (link on bio) 💔💔💔 Im tired of hoping trying on coping and breathing existing and living im just done... im tired, im fed up sometimes i dont even know if i'm alive or just breathing and i think to myself, i killed a part of me to keep you alive feelings suck i thought you loved me  you said you wouldnt and you fucking did feelings that come back are feelings that never left but you know  you will never have to chase what wants to stay with you  there are 2 types of pains everyone says that one that hurts you and another one that changes you  when im alone i think, when i think i remember, when i remember i feel pain, when i feel pain i cry im not living im just existing but i dont.. i dont wanna cry i tell myself, dont cry in front of them please, fight back the tears please just dont let them see me cry  but... whyd you leave took my soul  you broke my fucking heart we dont talk anymore and you dont seem to care  but i didn't wanna let you go  you're the smell before the rain the blood in my veins you're  #1 and it hurts my exes taught me that not every "i love you" is real hah yeh.. i wish you you never broke my heart because  its hard to hate someone you've loved for so long but i i i need you to tell me that im going to be okay sometimes i think.. "who were you before they broke your heart?" pain changes people, it makes them trust less, overthink more,  shut people out i saw that you were perfect so i loved you then i saw you weren't perfect and i loved you even more do you remember when you were a child and you thought that when you became a teenager you would, you'd become older  you would party every night until 4 am but its quite ironic because little did you know that  at 4 am you'd be hysterically crying debating whether to take your life or not. #emotional #music #emo #trap #newmusic #emo #goth #punk #sad #feelings #feels #nothingnowhere #lyrics #broken #heartbreak #toughtimes #musicislife

6 0 Jul 22, 2017

In the recent event of one of my favorite musicians committing suicide I wanted to talk about suicide in a video. The statistics, my thoughts, and my personal experience. If you ever need somebody to talk to please DM me and I hope my video helps you in some way. Lots of love. #youtuber #youtube #importantvideo #suicide #suicideawareness #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthadvocate #itsokaynottobeokay #itgetsbetter #emotional #myheartisheavy #linkinmybio

8 0 Jul 22, 2017

Probably the most emotional and beautiful thing I've read on social media, no wonder you connect with wild animals like you do, blackjaguarwhitetiger #wisdom #emotional 💙💙💙 #wordsofwisdom #connected

4 0 Jul 22, 2017

Pluto is a planet.

4 1 Jul 22, 2017

first post <3. - helenabruder / #helenabruder #musicallys #musers #emotional #cute #aw #songs .

9 2 Jul 22, 2017

sad, but true :(

1 1 Jul 22, 2017

Finally saw #moonlightmovie tonight. I've wanted to see it ever since I caught part of an #freshair interview with Barry Jenkins and Tarell Alvin. Did not disappoint. #emotional #thoughtprovoking #worthit

1 0 Jul 22, 2017
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