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. Throw it away Forget yesterday We'll make the great escape And we won't hear a word they say They don't know us anyway Watch it burn! Let it die! 'Cause we are finally free, tonight The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls

30 5 May 30, 2017

This boy is so annoying like so incredibly annoying and I love him so much he means literally everything to me and I don't know what I'd do without him he's always there when I need him even when I don't he makes me laugh and smile and he does such romantic, sweet things and it's crazy to think that in 12 days it marks 6 years of him being my best friend he's literally the world to me. I love you Knighton c: #latemcm #miamor #bestfriend #emo #emoboy #emogirl #emoteen #scene #sceneboy #scenegirl #sceneteen #alternative #alternativeboy #alternativegirl #alternativeteen #punk

12 0 May 30, 2017

Ich bin nur ein großer Träumer, denn mit Träumen fängt es an, suche die Antwort auf die Fragen um zu erkennen was ich kann. Meine Gedanken fliegen höher, breiten ihre Flügel aus, leb meinen Traum, immer noch, weiter tief in mir! (~< Digim.) . Flieg durch die Zeit, schau nicht zurück, sei bereit, jeden Augenblick. Der Weg führt dich durch die Dunkelheit, kannst du das Licht am Ende sehen ? (~< Inuja.) . Meine zwei Ohrwürmer grad in der Arbeit o3o 😶 Sorry falls der Text falsch ist, habe es aus dem Kopf geschrieben '^' . CATCH THEM ALL HNY-MON! JakeJeopardy \(*^*)/💚😍😶 . ⬛◼◾◼⬛🔊🔉🔇⬛◼◾◼⬛

36 5 May 30, 2017

I'm fucked in the head, alone and depressed.

14 1 May 30, 2017

Sleepy life, I need to stop being nocturnal.

26 1 May 30, 2017

X X X Read my gay fanfic, it's almost as gay as me. btw don't let this fool you, my work is usually full of the naughty naughty and dark humour/adult humour okay. check me out pls i just reached 5k and my last book reached 130k. I cut out the part that isn't okay for kiddies. My account is @/wegetscared bc I'm a little bitch and I ripped off the band's Insta name.

22 1 May 30, 2017

X X X I hope you feel as beautiful as you look. 🌼

24 3 May 30, 2017

Raawrs❤💞 Quiero ver como queda mi pelo después del agüita XD zoi una cerdah . . . . . . . . [ #demiboy] [ #emokid] [ #emoteen] [ #emohair] [ #emoboy] [ #emogirl] [ #emoguy] [ #emo] [ #boy] [ #grunge] [ #goth] [ #nerd] [ #askingalexandria] [ #bmth] [ #sceneboy] [ #scenegirl] [ #sceneguy] [ #scenehair] [ #scenekid] [ #scene] [ #alternativeboy] [ #alternativegirl] [ #alternativehair] [ #alternativekid] [ #alternative] [ #alternativeguy] [ #purplehair] [ #purple] [ #kawaii] [ #kawaiiboy]

31 6 May 30, 2017
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