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Four miles this morning and a shoulder lift- feeling great! Ive been running #distance with #speedwork and moderate distances mixed throughout while lifting 4-5x a week- chest, shoulders, arms, legs [sometimes skip because of my mileage] and back. This, along with #keto, has been a great combination for improving my body composition! See below for details on my lift👇🏽👇🏽 and swipe 👉🏽 for the life saving electrolyte powder I use daily. I was getting the worst calf cramps at night but this stuff saved my life... and my calves! (Not an ad just a great product) 🤗 •After my run I did 60 push-ups varying in style (incline, decline, wide and normal) •Barbell Shoulder Press 3x12 •Dumbbell Lateral Raises 3x12 •Weighted Plate Front Raise 3x12 •Barbell Upright Row 3x12 •Steering Wheels (take a plate and hold it like a steering wheel, turn left for one rep and right for a second rep) completed 4x30 Then abs of course! I plan on posting some of my favorite abs workouts in the next couple weeks so stay tuned! 🙌🏽💛 #workout #fitness #strongbody #strongmind #SynerplexSports #Electrolytes #KetoIsLifeDietBet

10 1 Sep 19, 2017
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