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Sexy poke bowl for dinner 😍💗

16 1 Oct 17, 2017

Lunch was this delicious salad 🥗 and I’m working in overcoming my fearfood of drinking calories so I decided to have this hibiscus 🌺 and cinnamon water that was really tasty 😋 #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #edrecovery #anorexiarecovery #anarecovery #recovery #edfam #anafighter #anasucks #vegan #veganlunch #veganfood #vegetarian #vegetarianlunch #veggie #vegetarianfood #salad

6 0 Oct 17, 2017

Brunch from earlier: avocado toast, vanilla yogurt w blueberries/banana and coffeeeee ☕️💚 - Experiencing a pretty low slump / depressive episode. Everything feels heavy. Too heavy to do basic things; wash my hair, reply to emails, even opening my eyes feels like too much at times. - - Hoping this will pass soon and that better times are ahead. Hope y'all had a good start to your week 💕

14 1 Oct 17, 2017

Day 2 of #MultipleHereditaryExostosesAwarenessWeek...let's talk tumors! I know I don't LOOK sick, but there are many, many tumors in this picture! These tumors, also called osteochondromas can be quite the nuisance, as they can get "stuck" on muscles, tendons, and nerves, limiting range of motion. They also have a higher chance of turning cancerous compared to the average person. When the osteochondroma start to cause more pain, it's time to get X-rays to make sure it hasn't grown as that would call for concern. Currently, I have tumors in both my ankle and my shoulder that I am trying to adapt to as the only treatment is surgical intervention. To find out more about what exactly an osteochondroma is and some fun facts about MHE, head to the link in my bio to check out my video explaining it all 💜

9 2 Oct 17, 2017

Got a burrito 🌯 for dinner today🙂 I'm back to loving burritos! They are so yummy! All the veggies, and guac☺️ it's amazing I just got home from Toronto! Gotta do some homework n get to bed 💤 Gonna miss Toronto 😢 Sweet dreams love bugs! --------------------------------- #vegan #vegansofinstagram #veganfoodshare #veganfoodporn #recoveryispossible #recoveryisworthit #anorexìanervosarecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #edfam #hclf #plantbasedfood #crueltyfree #weightrestored #eattolive #fightinged #selflove #foodisfuel #positiverecovery #edfree #veganeats #fearfoodchallenge #fearfood #smoothie #mango #strawberry #veggies #carbthefuckup #gofruityourself #burrito #guacamole

27 1 Oct 17, 2017

Couldn’t sleep past 5 this morning and felt a little iffy in my body. I was tempted to numb out and ignore any feels 👋🏼yaknow. But, I put on some fave songs (current obsession is everything SZA) and did some yoga. deep breathing. finally soothing myself. I feel like I was finally able to choose bravery over behavior and its safety net. Like, whoa! I chose to embrace my body when I tend to wanna hide from it. And I chose to be present and feel alive, all so early in the morning. I'm telling my morning story for 2 reasons: 1. this is possible, and we have the strength to do things like this 2. this is a RARITY. and kind of a first for me, so please be patient with yourself ✨you are where you are because you're supposed to be. do what you can when you have the strength, and its okay to fall apart when you can’t seem to find any.

616 51 Oct 17, 2017

I had lots of fried noods (all compressed and tightly packed in a 17 oz thermos) for lunch today!! Seriously so greasy it left a pool of oil at the bottom?? And there was shrimp in here too! Pasta or fried noodles is one of my biggest fear foods, along with other greasy carbs (think fried rice, fritters, donuts, pizza, etc) but you know challenges are supposed to be faced! Also it's mid October and today was 95 degrees??????? San Diego weather needs to take a chill pill tbh 🙃 #lunch #chowmein #friednoodles #noodles #fearfood #recoverywin #carbs

16 2 Oct 17, 2017

I miss my summer days in upstate New York spending time on the farm with the animals and fresh fruit and veggies from the farmers market. I have never experienced physical symptoms due to anxiety. Until today. My body hurts. My back and my head hurt. I had an extremely stressful day today. I comfronted my mom about why she'd been trying to get my school nurse to weight me and secretly tell her. And why they have been so passive aggressive regarding my meals. My parents don't like what the scale says. But I'm trying my best. But my best isn't good enough. My mom said today, "you were hospitalized when you were above this weight" and that goes to show you that weight isn't the only way to mark progress. I'm doing so much better then when I was in the hospital. Yet somehow the scale begs to differ?! No. I BEG TO DIFFER. All I do is try my best and try to put on a happy face and I don't get anything for it. Now after all that I'm left with aches and pains to keep me up all tonight. #igiveup

31 1 Oct 17, 2017

guys tonight i made the biggest breakthrough!!! not only did i eat because i WANTED TO instead of eating because i have to but i also ate a fear food: white bread!😱🍞 i was watching adventure time and felt hungry so had these two slices of bread with some caviar and salmon slices as a night snack 😊 take that ana!

8 1 Oct 17, 2017

Yum, I also had some peanut butter m&ms cuz why not #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #recovery #recoveryisworthit #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #ed #edfam #edwarrior #edrecovery

24 1 Oct 17, 2017

Mum and I on Friday, the day I got home. Since I've been home life has been a weird blur of sleep, ensure, and falling back into old shitty habits.

10 4 Oct 17, 2017

Sf hot cocoa w/ whipped cream & sprinkles. Today was a shitty day. I got 2 hours of sleep. Have burned all but 300 of my intake. Yet not finished with the house. Eric was scheduled to be back in Houston tomorrow morning at at 11:30, but the trailer is fucked up, so now who knows. I might finish cleaning my room tonight, but idk. I’m so over all this. #ednosrecovery #atypicalanorexia #atypicalanorexiarecovery #osfedrecovery #osfed #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisorder #autoimmunedisease #hashimotosdisease #chronicillness #edrecovery #edfam #recovery #recovered #edfamily #edsoldier #edwarrior #weightrestored #nsv #fall #fashion #nails #bujo #makeup #erincondren #bulletjournal

12 0 Oct 17, 2017

Dinner is a veggie burger, pasta with hummus, lettuce, and a fizzy 0 cal strawberry watermelon drink. Ate all of the veggie burger & lettuce, and about half of the pasta. Struggling hard today :/ I know I need to eat more especially since I did a 40 minute workout today but I'm not sure if I can do it 😞 #ed #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #struggling #ana #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #bulimia #bulimiarecovery #edfam #tryingtorecover #edfighter #recovery #fuckEd #roadtorecovery #happinessoverskinny #recoveryjourney

7 0 Oct 17, 2017
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