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The delicious potato waffle from axilcoffeeroasters 👌 served with amazing ham hock, poached eggs, spinach and horseradish hollandaise 😍😎

32 1 Oct 22, 2017

My friends at 321water have created this amazing sustainable and BPA free smoothie bottle! 💞 I have been using for my smoothies and shakes made with elevenlabs Plant Protein and Super Greens to boost my metabolism. Go check them out. They do filter water bottles too!! ✨✨✨

21 2 Oct 22, 2017

Fill your tummy the green way 😉 make sure you start your week feeling replenished! #eatgoodfeelgood

30 2 Oct 22, 2017

And in between all the learning, found some time to relax and read a book. Getting in some rest and managing stress levels is so important if you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle 😴👌🏼❤️

20 1 Oct 22, 2017

Meet our chefs who are devoted to the pursuit of good taste and good food. . . #SomethingsFishy #Buffet #eatgoodfeelgood #restaurant #chef #fish #prawns #meat #food #foodie #foodgasm #dinner #foodlover #instagram #instagood #instadaily #foodinstagram #foodmania

3 0 Oct 22, 2017

Had to get in some gym time after eating mostly unhealthy at this congress 🙈💪🏼

38 1 Oct 22, 2017

Sometimes the simplist dinners are the best! We enjoyed some delicious fruit (and cucumber) for dinner tonight 😃

16 1 Oct 22, 2017

Hello 🙋🏼‍♀️ Ich wünsche euch allen einen wunderschönen Sonntag! 🌞 Was soll ich euch erzählen ? Es wird, die Wohnung nimmt langsam Form an und da ich heute morgen bemerkt habe das mein Mr. MANGO schnell gegessen werden will 😂 habe ich tatsächlich mal gekocht 🙄 Kokos Milchreis mit Mr. MANGO 😁 Schnell auf essen und dann wird erstmal mit meinem besten Freund telefoniert 😉 #diebestenwohnenimmerzuweitweg Und dann geht es zum 5ten Spätdienst! Der letzte 😍 Yes! #chaosmaike #hilfesiekocht #maikemeisterkoch #Milchreis #kokos #mango #yummy #sweetandeasy #ricepudding #cocos #delicious #eatgoodfeelgood #behappy #goodfood #foodie #foodfoodfood #foodspiration #ilovefood #mrmango #eatsleepworkrepeat #pediatricnurse #psychiatrie #maikemeisterkochmachtallefett #liker #followit

27 3 Oct 22, 2017

Bu sabah kahvaltı tabağımı semaninsagliklimutfagi tarifi süsledi. İlk kez denedim, çok da sevdim. Siz de bi deneyin derim. Bu minnoşların yapılışı şu şekilde: 🌺 3 yk rondoda çekilmiş yulaf ezmesi 🌺 2 yumurta 🌺 Beyaz peynir (ben biraz beyaz peynir biraz da lor koydum) 🌺 Maydanoz veya dereotu (ben dereotunu tercih ettim) 🌺 Çay kaşığının ucu ile kabartma tozu 🌺 Çok az tuz Malzemelerin hepsini karıştırıyoruz. Tavaya azıcık tereyağı sürüp pankek gibi pişiriyoruz. Sonra da afiyetle hüpletiyoruz😋

11 1 Oct 22, 2017

Simple and quick breakfast this morning. Made scrambled eggs with a little bit of creme fraiche and cheese, topped with chives and served with toast.

23 1 Oct 22, 2017

1 year Anniversary dinner and show with heyitsgggggg (buffet)😛🤤 . LOVE YOU BABE😍😙 . Kalua pig, mahi Mahi, Huli huli chicken, Lomi salmon, mac salad, choke rice... . Aka PLATE LUNCH . #topfoodnews #eatgood #lovetoeat #love #tagforlikes #homemadefood #eatgoodfeelgood #foodie #foodies #dinnertime #foodporn  #lovefood #quickMeals #fastneasyfood #foodmadewithlove #hawaiianfood #hawaiinei #greateats #kitchenfun #luau #foodblogger #foodblog #instafood #paradisecove #instagood #onthetable #ocfoodie #lafoodies #foodforthesoul #soulfood

12 0 Oct 22, 2017

It would be nice to think that every meal you consumed looked amazing, tasted great and fuelled your body perfectly for your aesthetic and/or performance driven goals. In reality, there's always going to be times when we are pressed for time, not as prepared as we'de like to be, or are just too tired to cook. . I don't really follow a trend of 'clean eating', I've always enjoyed healthy food, I enjoy cooking when I have the time to and if I tend to eat crap I feel it also. This said, I think you've got to have some flexibility to ensure you can make things sustainable. It's just about understanding how your body responds to certain foods, and knowing some personal parameters to not let something that started with a burger turn into a 72 hr chocolate fondu party 🍫🎉 . If you've trained hard all week, are progressing the way in which you want to, then smashing a hench burger is going to help satisfy some cravings and motivate you to keep progressing. Just utilise that additional energy to push yourself hard in your next session! . I would always prefer to be in a position where I could eat more and do more, opposed to feeling fatigued/malnourished (sacrificing training performance and my daily energy levels), by eating less and doing less. . I find if you can averagely sustain a 85-15% ratio of healthy food to a bit of what you enjoy in your diet, then you're on a pretty good path to steadily progress (as long as you're progressing). Bare in mind consistency is going to be the overall determining factor that gets you results regardless whether they're the results you're wanting or not. . Understanding a few fundamentals about your individual energy balance between your day to day activity levels and how much you consume, can be a good starting point for more flexibility in what you eat. . . .

28 4 Oct 22, 2017
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